Sue and Harry

Sue and Harry’s Whole Home Remodeling/Addition Story

Sue and Harry originally bought their 16-year-old, single-story house for the “property,” thanks to the home’s stellar lake views, as well as the size and layout.

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According to Harry, the couple knew from Day One that they wanted to do a major whole house remodel, especially since “the interior had not been updated since it was built, and the house also had some custom designs that didn’t really work for us.”

Sue and Harry previously used RWR to remodel a kitchen (and add a bath) in another home. They decided to arrange for another consultation, in addition to solicit quotes from several other remodeling companies.

At the end of the day, Harry said it was an easy choice, thanks to RWR’s attention to detail in combination with a “real comfort level.”

“RWR offers more support than ever before to this very stressful process,” Harry said. “Arthur and his design team were – and still – are amazing, providing computer renderings of the whole home remodel before anyone lifts a hammer. Those renderings turned out to be almost exactly what the rooms now look like.”

The couple said they truly appreciated working with RWR’s team member, Kathy, who handled the interior design aspects of their project. “She coordinated and was present for all decisions on appliances, flooring, tile, lighting, etc.,” Harry said. “She always took the time to understand our tastes and helped make our choices accordingly.”

From Start to Finish

The couple said there were very few surprises during the overall whole home remodeling project, but when one would pop up, they were always dealt with by the RWR team swiftly and professionally.

Harry noted: “We’ve all heard the horror stories of remodeling contractors taking two or three times the amount of estimated time for completion, but this was not the case with RWR. They quoted us four months and it was done in 17 weeks. The RWR employees were great and the subs were excellent, as well.”

“RWR was responsible, attentive, accountable and “very good at what they do,” Harry said. “We are thrilled with the home that they helped us create. And while it’s a completely different home then the one we purchased, it’s all the better based on our very own personal tastes.”

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