Vicki and Bill

Vicki and Bills’ Home Remodeling Story

Vicki and Bill purchased their five bedroom, three bath, ranch-style home five years ago. Built in 1998, the Phoenix-area house features a three-car garage.

While Vicki said that she and Bill definitely enjoyed their home the first handful of years, it “didn’t quite fit our needs.”

In order to remain living in the house – and not move to another home– the couple decided to make the following changes to the original structure:

  • Add a large craft room adjacent to their master bedroom for Vicki’s hobbies;
  • Remove a load bearing wall that separated the main house from the sun sitting area
  • Extend the sun room;
  • Add a new carport off of the new addition for a backyard outside work area.

According to Vicki, the couple originally heard about Republic West Remodeling from a family member who “was very happy with the remodel work they completed on their home.”

To start the process, Vicki and Bill scheduled an initial consultation. “Stephen Yeomans, the Project Designer, came out to our home, met with us and toured the house,” Vicki said. “After he had a better understanding of what we were looking for, he gave us some excellent suggestions. In fact, Stephen provided 3D drawings on a laptop which allowed us to move things around and look at various options.”

Following the consultation, the couple said they felt confident, especially in the area of options related to local building codes and HOA requirements for their additions. “And best of all, there was never any pressure to do anything coming from their end,” Vicki noted. “When we were ready to start the project, we contacted them, and only then did they start the process.”



Regarding their remodeling experience, Vicki said “everything went very smooth,” noting that the only minor delay was caused “when the couple actually decided to change the scope during the construction phase.” Otherwise, the project would have been completed within the timelines that they initially agreed upon.

During the construction phase, Vicki said she and Bill were pleased with everyone involved with their project. “The workers were all very timely, very courteous, extremely polite, and took whatever time was needed to answer any questions for us throughout the addition and remodel process,” she said. “Most importantly, they cleaned up every day before they left our house.”

Of special note, Vicki said when it was time to tear down the load bearing wall that separated the main house from the sun room, Republic West Remodeling’s team created a temporary dust wall “that kept the house dust-free during this phase of the remodel.” Furthermore, the workers regularly checked with the couple every night to ensure the main rooms, adjacent to the sunroom, were dust-free during construction.

The couple said they could not be happier with the end result.

“We have been through a number of remodels in previous houses that we have owned and this was by far the best experience, from the people to the finished project,” Vicki said. “It all came in on budget, on time and they finished our home exactly as we envisioned.”

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