North Scottsdale United Methodist Church Remodeling Story

At Republic West Remodeling (RWR), we are big proponents of the power of change.

For example, the kitchen and surrounding area at the North Scottsdale United Methodist Church (NSUMC) had not been updated significantly since the building’s completion in 1978.

From a historical perspective, NSUMC organized in 1978. Architect Will Bruder designed the original buildings and built them in the early 1980s. Over the years, the church has had various additions with the most recent project being the church’s sanctuary, completed in 2006. The church has approximately 750 members, with an average Sunday attendance of about 500 people.

“We had outgrown it [the kitchen] many years ago, but never had the capital to spend until a family made a gift to the church specifically for remodeling the kitchen,” according to an NSUMC Kitchen Remodeling Committee spokesperson.

After the Church had received the family’s generous gift, the Kitchen Remodeling Committee members visited other area churches to check out their kitchens for inspiration.

“We were most impressed with the kitchen at Grace UMC in Mesa and learned that Republic West Remodeling (RWR) was the remodeler. They spoke highly of the company, sharing that their experience had been very positive,” said the committee spokesperson.

Once the committee agreed upon a remodeler, Jacque Richardson, Project Designer, initially visited the church to assess the site. “Together we developed our ‘wish list’ of things we would like to accomplish, budget permitting. She was the epitome of professionalism, and listened extremely well,” she said.

The committee shared with Jacque that it wanted to create more space for kids to be involved in the kitchen area, as well as expand overall to accommodate numerous people working together at the same time. Additionally, they wanted to install “more comfortable” flooring, as several people are on their feet all day long serving food during church events.

Next, the church committee spent several months with Jacque on the design process, as well as in budget meetings. The committee spokesperson mentioned that “because we were serving our community we wanted to be sure that it met current, as well as future, needs.”

Throughout the entire remodeling process, “RWR was very good at communicating when and how they would do things,” she said. “Being a church, we had to work around weekends and other special events, and they were extremely flexible.”

Highlights of the NSUMC remodeling project included:

  • New updated cabinets and countertops, with additional seating to allow children to be more involved in church cooking activities
  • New coffee station at the Fellowship Hall to allow for more convenience
  • An updated kitchen space with more storage, cooking options and updated appliances for better preparation for church events

Overall, the committee said it was extremely pleased with the result of the remodel.

“There have been a lot of “wows” expressed among members and other visitors to our church,” said the spokesperson. “All in all, it was a great experience.”


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