Janelle and Don’s Kitchen Remodeling Story

While they enjoyed their Gilbert, Arizona, home which was built in 1991, Janelle and Don turned to Republic West Remodeling (RWR) when it was time to have their kitchen remodeled. It was an easy decision to contract with RWR because they’d worked with RWR before. RWR did extensive remodeling in their bathrooms, including removing the tub in one bathroom and replacing it with a beautiful walk-in shower.

When Janelle and Don came to RWR’s showroom in early 2012, they knew RWR was once again the right choice. They set up an appointment with project designer Arthur Gambino and were delighted with his designs.

Arther shared “We took an old,awkward space and turned it into a high-end,functional kitchen that is not only is beautiful in esthetics but also has all the elements that a true gourmet desires. The kitchen is now a great comfortable space for family and friends to gather.”

Janelle and Don were ecstatic with their kitchen remodel and the stunning results.

Little did they know, the real value in Janelle and Don’s kitchen and bath remodeling became clear when they put their Gilbert, Arizona, home up for sale.

Republic West Remodeling received a call recently from Janelle, who had some great things to say about their remodeled kitchen. While the couple loved the work, they did notrealize the true benefit of the kitchen remodeling project until they sold their home, as Janelle said, “for much more than we thought.”

Janelle attributed the higher selling price directly to the stunning job that Republic West Remodeling did with their kitchen and bath remodels.

Janelle shared, “everything you did made our house more valuable.” And Janelle couldn’t thank us enough for the impact Republic West Remedeling’s work had on the selling price of their house.

If you’re wondering about the value-added benefit of remodeling your kitchen, plenty of evidence points to its payoff.

USNews cited “kitchen projects yielded a higher return…adding 82.7 percent of the project’s cost back to the home’s value.”

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