Mark and Kathryn

When Mark and Kathryn moved to Arizona from out-of-state several years ago, they purchased a three-bedroom home. Originally built in 2004, the house did not suit their personal style and décor preferences.

“We did not like the honey oak cabinets in the kitchen and the family room,” said Mark. “It just looked so yesteryear.”

Eventually, the couple decided to enlist the support of Republic West Remodeling (RWR) to design and remodel several areas of the house to better fit their personalities.

After meeting with Jacque Richardson, Project Designer, Mark and Kathryn decided to move forward with a kitchen remodel, as well as a redesign of their family room. They signed a contract but ended up putting the project on hold until they sold their previous house. Once the couple was ready, the project resumed with the earlier written contact. Here are some of the details:

  • With careful thought, Jacque designed and built a custom entertainment wall around the home’s fireplace. The entertainment wall features a one-of-a-kind, impressive mantle that runs the entire length of the entertainment wall, a true “wow” factor and focal point in the home.
  • RWR provided the design support and building expertise to remodel the home’s entire kitchen. Of special note: the couple now has a beautiful, custom-designed hood over their new cooktop.

Regarding the kitchen remodel, Mark. said: “The medium-color cherry cabinets and hand in-laid stacked stoned look ‘1,000’ percent better and have received numerous compliments from friends.”

RWR’s Ann Hendrickson, who worked with the couple during the “production side” of the remodel process, said her number one priority throughout the project was to ensure that the daily construction tasks were completed in a timely manner, and also met RWR’s quality expectations.

“Having your home remodeled is a very personal, and sometimes stressful, experience,” Hendrickson said. “I find that much of my job centers around my relationship with my client[s], in conjunction with the day-in and day-out management of the project. With that in mind, I form very personal relationships with each and every one of my clients.”

Hendrickson said right from the start, working with – and getting to know – Mark and Kathryn was a life-changing experience.

“When I first arrived at their house to do a measure, I noticed that Mark had a Veterans license plate on his vehicle. I introduced myself and immediately thanked him for his service from the bottom of my heart. I shared with him that several of my family members have been in the Armed Forces and I really appreciate his service to our country.”

According to Hendrickson, the remodel lasted for several months. Throughout the course of the project, there were a couple of issues that arose, as they sometimes do in construction. “I believe that because of the relationship we had established right from the start, that we truly trusted each other. They knew I had their best interests at heart, and as things came up, we resolved each issue together as a team. I made sure that they knew I was there to help them in any way that I could to make things as easy as possible.”

After the remodel was complete, Hendrickson said she had a heartwarming encounter with the couple. “After the job was finished, I went to their home to take final pictures of the project,” she said. “Before I left, they gave me a little, green pouch. Inside the pouch was a military ‘challenge’ coin. I learned that these coins vary from unit to unit in the military – some are very basic and some are quite intricate. Mark had 100 personal coins made. He told me he only gives them out to people of the highest moral and ethical standards, people that he holds in the highest regard and has the upmost respect for.”

Hendrickson said the experience “still gives her goose bumps” every time she thinks about it. “I truly look forward to continuing the new friendship we now have,” she said.

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