Sherry’s Indoor/ Outdoor Home Renovation in Scottsdale

Sherry’s family built their beautiful upscale house from the ground up years ago. And though it was an impressive home in its structure and features, there were several parts of the home that have declined over the years. Therefore, Sherry decided to make a few adjustments to have it meet their current needs.

Because Sherry’s family loved their home and wanted to live in it for years to come, they decided to renovate it rather than moving. Their main goals were to upgrade their outdoor living area, expand parts of their home’s interior, and to complete various updates in the home and guest house. We were thrilled to help them revitalize their home.

The Republic West Remodeling Experience

Sherry met Republic West Remodeling through their church renovation and were delighted with how well it went. Based on that experience they chose us to renovate their home. Sherry was confident we’d give them a well-thought-out project that would improve their home’s function, enjoyability, and look.

Sherry worked with our designer Jacque to plan out the project scope, layout, timeline and overall design strategy. After consulting with Jacque, Sherry then worked with our designer Kathy who helped them with the finer details of paint colors, flooring materials, and other necessary design elements. As the project went underway, we also made it a point to work closely with our clients’ AV company to make sure that the project ran smoothly on all fronts.

Sherry appreciated our detailed process that was clearly laid out in our dream assurance plan, which assures a price, quality, timeline, and professionalism that other contractors usually can’t guarantee. The family also had peace of mind that we would respect their time, space, and activities during the project.

For example, one of their biggest concerns was the safety and happiness of their two large Basset hounds. While the work was underway, they were happy to see that we made their dogs a high priority and made sure that our contractors did everything they could to make them comfortable during the remodeling process.

Indoor and Outdoor Improvements

Summers in Arizona get very hot and the lack of shade on the patio made it difficult to enjoy their house all year long. Entertaining also started to feel a bit cramped, so they wanted to expand the media room and add a new powder bathroom near their office. The interior wood floors looked worn down after enduring years of foot traffic and needed to be refinished as well.

Ultimately, the home renovation included a new outdoor kitchen, expanded patio shade, new flooring and paint inside the house and casita, an exterior stucco refreshment, and new woodwork accents on the home’s exterior.

After we gave them a detailed plan and timeline of the improvements, our contractors went to work. Here’s what we did:

    • Made additional space in the media/pool room. This included adding more seating, granite countertops, and new cabinets. These elements enhanced the room’s entertainment value and made it an inviting place to be.
    • The entire home received fresh paint and stucco work for a new look.
    • Any dull and worn hardwood floors were refinished and restored to their former shine and bold color.
    • Added new powder bathroom with matching custom cabinets with plenty of storage area for the family.
    • Created a newly designed outdoor kitchen and outdoor living space with larger patio cover, new walkways, pavers, and more bench seating for guests.
    • Added new ledger stone accents to the rear of the home.
    • Added an outdoor fireplace and bench seats for an additional “wow” factor.

As a result, this beautiful home was made even more impressive and given more years of enjoyment for the entire family.


Total Home Renovation in Scottsdale

In the end, Sherry’s family was overjoyed by the significant improvements to their home that satisfied their current needs and interests. They could now entertain inside and outside with confidence with their expanded den and outdoor kitchen area. The home’s interior and exterior all received vital updates to its paint, flooring. It was a pleasure making this already gorgeous home even more show-stopping.

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