Cheryl and Gordon’s Master Bathroom Remodel

A Reinvention: Cheryl and Gordon’s Master Bathroom Remodel

Cheryl and Gordon are winter visitors from Canada who bought a home conveniently located on a golf course in Scottsdale.  Though the home had an attractive overall concept, but the interior elements were outdated and needed touch-ups.

As a first step, Cheryl and Gordon were interested in bathroom remodeling. Thankfully, through their frequent trips to Thingz Contemporary Living in Scottsdale, they obtained the contact information for Habitat Renovations, with whom Republic West Remodeling merged earlier this year.

This story involves phase one of their renovation story, in which our team transformed their master bathroom from drab outdated beige to a bright and contemporary space.

From Drab to Modern and Fresh

Bathrooms are one of the most intimate and heavily used places in the home. Though they’re mainly enjoyed privately, how it looks and functions makes a big impact on your home’s entire value and comfort level.

The original design was completely opposite of what they wanted. It was outdated in design, too beige, didn’t use space efficiently, and needed better lighting. They contacted Habitat Renovations to create a more modern and fresher vibe. After the initial consultation and design, Cheryl and Gordon decided on a modern yet soft concept that incorporated elements of nature.

A Totally Different Remodeling Experience

Gordon and Cheryl had completed a few other home renovations back in Canada, so had an idea of what to expect during the remodeling process. In their past experiences, some contractors adhered to the timeline while others were more liberal in that regard. This is why the detailed project plan and constant communication of Habitat Renovations and Republic West Remodeling attracted them.

During the remodeling process, the Cheryl and Gordon were impressed with our organization, enthusiasm, timeline, and frequent updates. This communication was key since they were in Canada during most of the bathroom renovation.

They also found value in the relationship they developed with our team over the course of the project and in the full design services we offered them. Their project manager Duane was also an advocate for them throughout the entire remodeling process. If any problems came up, of which there were few, Duane was quick to get them resolved and get the renovation back on track.



There was very little that the Cheryl and Gordon wanted to retain in the old design. Nearly everything had to go: the brass elements, baby blue walls, woodwork, beige flooring, small windows, and beige countertops. All these elements echoed trends that have long passed.

They wanted a bathroom that offered more functionality along with a modern, fresh look. Here is what our team created to make that happen:

  • New bathtub that took up less space
  • New stand up glass shower with a custom porcelain tile floor
  • New cabinets, sink, and countertop with a white and grey color scheme and space to place a chair
  • New light fixtures with more bulbs
  • Larger mirrors and fresh white paint
  • Marble backsplash tiles on the walls adjacent to the tub and shower
  • Grey tile flooring with a pearl sheen to reflect light

We were able to retain some elements from the old design like the privacy glass windows and the bathroom’s overall form, but nearly everything was redone.

Sometimes, to create a vision, minor tweaks aren’t going to cut it. This is why we have designers and contractors who can cover large and small jobs. Only through a remodel did the couple achieve theire dream master bathroom and add value to an outdated property.



A Bright and Airy Escape

The new design included soft, earthy colors, marble, stained wood cabinets, and pearly deco tiles. While the original bathroom lacked sufficient lighting, the new master bathroom incorporated fixtures that distributed light better. In addition, the designers chose floor tiles with a slight sheen to reflect the natural light. This created a ripple effect of light that further illuminated the master bathroom.

Cheryl and Gordon are very happy with the results. They couldn’t say enough about the process and felt that it was a step above their prior remodeling experiences. They have enjoyed the experience so much that they are going to be starting another project with Habitat Renovations and Republic West Remodeling soon. The next step includes the upgrading kitchen cabinets, flooring, paint, and other touch-ups to make the rest of the home as feel modern and bright as the bathroom.

Master Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix

The remodeling process runs more smoothly with teamwork, constant communication, and skilled professionals. Habitat Renovations and Republic West Remodeling have merged to deliver the best interior design and construction experience in the area.

To talk with us about a renovation you have in mind, contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

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