Lynn and Sandra’s Scottsdale, AZ Full Home Remodel


Lynn and Sandra’s Scottsdale, AZ Full Home Remodel: Everything Is New Again!

Located in a coveted neighborhood in Scottsdale, Lynn and Sandra’s home is a single-level ranch-style property suitable as a spacious single-family dwelling. The couple has two homes, one in Arizona and one in Minnesota. Both Lynn and Sandra are retired and enjoy spending a lot of their time playing golf.

Originally, Lynn and Sandra had considered selling their Scottsdale house and buying another one more suited to their tastes. They subsequently realized that there were many advantages to simply remodeling their Scottsdale home as it was.

For example, there was more than enough space for all their needs. Their full home included a large kitchen, refinished cabinets, four bathrooms, three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, family room, and a laundry room. The existing floor layout was essentially what they had in mind from the beginning. They very much appreciated the neighborhood, and there were plenty of convenient amenities in the vicinity.

Other benefits of remodeling their existing home included eliminating the expense and hassle of moving all their belongings to a new house, the high cost of relocation, and the fact they had things set up pretty much the way they wanted them to be.

What was required was a redesign to make the home more modern, appealing and functional.


Republic West Remodeling Was The Obvious Choice.

After an extensive review, and checking recommendations in detail, the Buris agreed to consider a number of firms to effect the remodeling of their home.

They quickly settled upon Republic West Remodeling.

According to Lynn: “As well as demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and great attention to our needs, what put it over the top for us was the sales presentation by Jacque Richardson. An expert in the industry, Jacque addressed all our questions and concerns and made everything so clear that there was never any ambiguity. That’s something that can really come back to haunt you after the work is complete if it isn’t managed properly in the beginning.”

Key to part of Republic West Remodeling’s renovation success has been our extensive insight into the opportunities and the pitfalls of undertaking a remodeling project such as the Buri’s home. After all, there are many circumstances that arise that are unforeseen, and these need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. Any course of action other than that, can result in missing deadlines and additional expenses. Nobody wants that!

What’s more, as conditions evolve during a renovation, and they always do, Republic West Remodeling goes the extra mile in keeping its clients apprised of any changing situations. Of course, all work is approved in advance and in writing by the client beforehand.

A Close Collaboration With The Client.

Republic West Remodeling, collaborated with the Buris to arrive at a design approach that reflected their current preferences in style, form and function. Their in-house design team, led by Carie Bradshaw, implemented the design, with a lot of input from the Buris – something Sandra was delighted with.

“The Republic West Remodeling team was very attuned to our sensibilities, and they were quite open to any suggestions we had in mind. That’s important, given how personal one’s own home is.”

Following the design phase, that’s when Republic West Remodeling moved into the next stage of the remodeling project, actualizing the design. This began in March and was completed in July!



After intensive discussion, the following updated features were implemented:

• New flooring was installed throughout the house, according to Lynn and Sandra’s specifications
• New paint was applied to the entire interior, according to the selected color palette
• Some walls were given a faux finish
• New appliances were installed, in keeping with contemporary design standards
• A new panoramic window large enough to take in expansive views, conveyed the feeling of a Great Room
• A stone facade was added to the fireplace, imbuing it with a sense of sophistication and grandeur

Here are the final results:


Once the project was completed, the Buris were thrilled with the result, one which dovetailed perfectly with their vision for their ‘new’ home.

“We can’t tell you how enjoyable it was working with Republic West Remodeling. There was constant contact throughout the project, so there were no surprises – other than what a professional job they did,” said Sandra Buri.

“The remodeling of our home transformed our day-to-day experience, with an engaging, contemporary look. It certainly has increased the appeal of the house, as well as its resale value. What’s more, it was all accomplished in an efficient manner,” said Lynn Buri.

“This was especially important in our case because we were renting off-site accommodations while the renovation was underway.

Sandra enthusiastically concurs with Lynn’s assessment of the situation. “What we now have is the comfort and familiarity of our previous home, but made so much cleaner, brighter and more beautiful with the Republic West Remodeling’s renovation. Everything old really has been made new again!”

We Pride Ourselves On Providing The Best Possible Work At The Best Possible Price.

At Republic West Remodeling, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible work at the best possible price. There have been numerous occasions on which customers have remarked on how inspired our work is, and that’s a standard we are committed to rising to every day. What makes even more of a difference is the degree to which we consult with our clients in order to fully understand and execute their objectives.

Why not read more success stories on how Republic West Remodeling has done just that for many homeowners like you. There are bound to be more that resonate with your particular sense of style.

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