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A Paradise Valley family were slated to move residences from California to Arizona, because of work-related obligations. The relocation included selling their existing home and acquiring a new one in the Scottsdale, AZ area. A couple with discerning tastes, they had extensive remodeling done prior to the move, to make the home more in alignment with their specific lifestyle

Nothing Was Left Untouched During Remodeling.

After investigating what remodeling companies were available, they settled on Republic West Remodeling. “They have a superb reputation for excellence, and their dedication to detail was evident in all the previous projects we looked at what they had done. It also helped that their budget was in line with ours. We found them to be very amenable to offering flexible solutions across the board.”

“Nothing in the home was left untouched,” said Courtney Roberts, lead designer on the project for Republic West Remodeling. “Although the existing residence was obviously very upscale and well-appointed, they wanted to truly make it their own.”


All previous fixtures were demolished and replaced

All previous fixtures were demolished and replaced with new ones, which better reflected the intended design aesthetic. These included everything from door and cupboard fixtures, to all interior and exterior lighting, and much more.

According to Roberts, “The most challenging aspect of the project entailed the removal of the kitchen wall that backed up to the Great Room. We had to replace a load-bearing beam to achieve this, as well as removing the skylight in the kitchen. The result was an expansive space allowing for small or large groups while entertaining.”

Existing beams in the living room were stained to give them a more modern feel.

The renovation also included Nuvo Calacatta Quartz countertops in the kitchen, while the cabinetry throughout the home employed Bellmont cabinets. A tall cabinet to the left of the stove is actually a door leading into a large walk-in pantry.

The shower in the Master Bathroom, which had previously resembled a dark cavern, is now open and much larger than it was before, facilitating a more leisurely experience during hygiene and personal pampering. The window wall in the Master Bathroom is now a floor to ceiling panorama of glass windows.

As far as furnishings go, the majority of the new furniture was custom designed for them by Thingz Contemporary.

The Powder Room, which was previously dark and unremarkable, is now brightly lit, and features a vanity made out of Nuvo Calacatta Quartz.

Once the project was completed, they were delighted to see their vision come to life. “It has been so gratifying to work with such a professional team of experts,” they said, “and the final product inspires us just the way we imagined it would.” The couple has indicated they would not hesitate to recommend Republic West Remodeling to friends and colleagues alike.

Here are the final results:


Total Home Renovation in Scottsdale

Much of Republic West Remodeling’s renovation success can be attributed to our in-depth experience regarding the opportunities and the challenges involved in an extensive project such as this home. In virtually every case, unexpected obstacles can present themselves, and they must be resolved effectively and cost-effectively. If this is not achieved, it can lead to missed deadlines and cost overruns.

Just as important as providing effective remedial solutions, is keeping clients abreast of changes as they occur. Since all work is approved in advance, the client has the luxury of deciding what they feel is the best course of action to take.

It’s all part of our commitment at Republic West Remodeling to do the best possible work at the best possible price. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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