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Although Cindy and Chuck love their home in Scottsdale, Arizona, they knew there was always the potential to make it something even better. As it stood, the kitchen area was on the small side, and was separated from another room, making it appear very outdated and dark. It’s little wonder since the kitchen hadn’t been remodeled since 1980, with some earlier renovations dating back to the late 60s.

“We wanted a more spacious and functional kitchen area, that was brighter and much more contemporary than what we had,” said Cindy.

They found it with Republic West Remodeling. Originally, the couple narrowed their search for building partners down to four, and they quickly dispensed with two of them – one being too small to handle the job, and the other too large to take the care that was required. They then had several meetings with the two remaining contenders and settled on Republic West Remodeling as the perfect choice.


The First Order Of Business

According to Cindy, “Although Republic West was offering their work at a premium price, we felt most comfortable working with them. In fact, their designer, Arthur, sealed the deal. Our first impression upon meeting with Arthur was that we really liked him; we thought he was very sincere, very knowledgeable, and very talented. He had the patience of Job. ”

Once the design was completed, the first order of business was to open up the kitchen area. This was accomplished by removing an entire wall that separated the kitchen from the adjoining room to allow for much more freedom of movement and a greater sense of airiness. Because that wall was a load-bearing one, its removal necessitated extra support.

Republic West Remodeling brought in a structural architect who oversaw the replacement of the wall with a large, brown beam which complimented the colors in the other room, and contributed to the overall charm of the now more expansive area while providing the requisite support.

In the process, a walkway was created, leading through to the back yard, and adding a sense of grace and natural beauty.

“On the wall that we replaced,” said Cindy, “we had had floor-to-ceiling dark walnut cabinets since 1969. We had those originally, and then we added on in 1980 and tripled the size of the kitchen. Prior to that, we had what was called ‘a space saver kitchen.’ You could touch your counter, your sink, your stove, all without moving, so we extended that.


Here are the final results:


More of a Great Room

“Where formerly the kitchen was totally enclosed, we expanded it to make it more of a Great Room. It’s open, it’s got access to the back, there are all the windows, light and bright and spacious, and it looks bigger and much cleaner.”

The remodel included removing popcorn ceilings in 8 rooms, and they were able to live in their house during all of that as well as the kitchen remodeling.

Chuck and Cindy’s first impression when they saw the finished remodel was,”Wow. Gorgeous. Over the top! Exactly what we’d hoped for and our dream come true.”

Cindy’s husband, Chuck, is just as enthusiastic about the remodeling project as Cindy. “We would highly recommend Republic West to family, friends and colleagues as we have now done many times. In addition to doing superb work, they bring a broad array of other services to bear – an interior designer and the like – as well as providing excellent follow-up throughout the process.”

While they undertook a very extensive renovation of their kitchen area, Republic West Remodeling are experts in transforming the entire interiors of homes.

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