Chandler Home Remodel

After moving into a new condo, June did not feel like it was truly “home.” She continued to find areas that she wanted to change in order to make her dream home a reality. After talking with friends who had recently completed their bathroom and kitchen, which was designed by Stephen Yeomans, June was also connected with Stephen at Republic West Remodeling about her master bathroom remodel.

“When Republic West remodeled my master bathroom, I was spoiled but did not fully appreciate it until I employed a landscape contractor to remodel my outside patios. The latter never gave a specific schedule or followed the original timeline, dragging a two-week job into five weeks. So, when I decided to remodel my kitchen, laundry and second bathroom all at once, I was eager to work with Stephen and Republic West Remodeling again. I even requested the same team of designers, project manager and sub-contractors. Further, I trusted them so much that I was deliberately out of town for the first two weeks to avoid the demo process.”

June knew that she had opinions about what she wanted for her kitchen and Stephen Yeomans, again, helped to bring the ideas together with 3D images. In the four hours spent with Kathy, Republic West Remodeling’s Interior Designer, they visited three tile stores, the plumbing supply showrooms and were able to select everything she needed for her remodel. June said “The process was so smooth. Kathy’s taste is great and she helped me understand how things could go together. She took my concerns into consideration to make my home exactly what I wanted.” When the tile was selected, it helped to set the stage for the entire house. The tile ensured the consistency and style that June had imagined.

Once the actual remodel began, June continued to live in the home. This process did not come without some obstacles though. With no kitchen, her friends brought her meals so that she could eat during the construction phase. The contractors and project manager continued to impress June throughout the process. They helped her solve any issues in a strategic manner that allowed her dream home to become a reality. Unlike other companies, June was impressed with the process that Republic West Remodeling brought to her home. They not only stuck to the contract schedule but followed up with June at the end of each day to let her know what was completed as well as who would be coming to her home the following day.

When the projects were completed and June was able to move into the space, she was very excited. “It took some time adjusting to the new kitchen and bathrooms, but figuring out how to best utilize the new space was an exciting venture.

When asked about both of her experiences with Republic West Remodeling, she stated: “Other remodeling companies I have used in the past were less communicative, to the point that they only came if I called and complained. They were very difficult to work with. Republic West Remodeling was a dream compared to that. I would recommend Republic West Remodeling to anyone looking for a remodeling contractor.”


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