Mary and Pete’s Remodeling Story

After living in their home for some time, Mary and Pete knew that it was time for a change. They were debating on buying a new house because their kitchen just did not work for them. Space was cramped, small and not functional to their daily needs. While driving in the car one day, Mary heard a commercial on KTAR for Republic West Remodeling. After having a horrible experience with a previous remodeling company years’ prior, Mary was hesitant, but she took the plunge.

Mary was connected with Steve Yeomans, who came out to their home to walk them through the process and listen to what would make their dream home a reality. Ten days after meeting with them, Steve came back with a plan that was exactly what Mary and Pete were wanting. Initially just thinking they would do the kitchen, both of them decided to complete the lower level bathroom, as well as the flooring throughout the bottom level to create a consistent feel. Steve’s use of 3D software made it possible to fully appreciate what their home would look like. The detailed images helped them both understand all the items listed in the scope of work. Being able to see what their space would look like was an amazing feature.

During the remodeling process, Mary and Pete chose to continue living in the home. Kevin, their project manager, lived nearby and made it a point to come over at 5:30 am 2-3 times a week to walk through everything that had been completed and give Mary and Pete an opportunity to point things out they wanted different or answer any of their questions. In order to make do with the space they had, they had premade meals and ate them outside in their backyard each night together, a routine that they grew accustomed to.

Mary and Pete’s project took 5 weeks and finished right before the craziness of the holiday season. Moving back into their space took some adjusting, but, as Mary said, “was an exciting and fun time. I’m still figuring out where I want things to be but I am enjoying the process.”

When asked about the remodeling project as a whole, Mary said “It was stressful but Kathy (RWR’s staff Interior Designer) made it easier for us both. It can be overwhelming to pick out so many things for your home, but the staff at Republic West Remodeling made it look amazing and recommended great choices for us. I have recommended Republic West Remodeling and will continue to do so. They were on price, on target, and on the timeline.”



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