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The Art of Making More With Less.

The first experience this couple from Tempe had with Republic West Remodeling was thirty years ago when the couple purchased a single-family dwelling. They wanted a brighter, more positive kitchen, and hired Republic West Remodeling to do the work. They couldn’t have been more delighted with the results.

“Republic did a great job on that kitchen, knocking out a wall, redoing the flooring, and installing all-new countertops and cabinets,” said the couple. “In fact, they did such a good job on the kitchen that we weren’t happy with the rest of the house, so we sold it, and moved! But we were really happy with the work that had been done there by Republic, and it increased the resale value of the house.”


Relocated to Nearby Condo in Tempe

The Tempe couple recently bought a condominium just 2 miles from the home they previously occupied for fifteen years. They were very happy with that house, but because they were approaching retirement age and wished to travel, they wanted a ‘lock & leave’ home, so they decided to downsize.

They loved the location, the view and the floor plan of their new condominium, but found the finishes throughout the house to be outdated and worn, so they decided to renovate.

They got two quotes. Only two remodeling companies, one of which was Republic West Remodeling, were willing to deal with the challenges of working in a six-story building. After careful consideration, the couple decided on Republic West Remodeling, bearing in mind their previous positive experience with them.

Once things got started on the new remodeling job, everything happened according to schedule. It was a classic case of real teamwork, with the different experts at Republic West handling each of their duties respectively. 

Stephen Yeomans oversaw the entire project, with Kathy’s help executing the interior design, and Kevin managing the build itself. 


Here are the final results:


Republic West Dealt With All The Contractors.

“We were especially pleased that Republic West dealt with all the contractors to do with the project, so that we weren’t troubled by any of the details. We only had to write one check which covered everything, instead of dealing with each of the trades people ourselves. That was a real relief,” said the couple. 

“I can’t speak highly enough about Kevin regarding his attention to detail and his passion for craftsmanship. As the interior designer, Steve Yeomans walked in to the condominium and immediately recommended the application of white surfaces throughout, wherever possible, in order to convey a clean, contemporary look and feel. We really appreciated his expertise, and we’re very happy with the look she first envisioned.”

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, everything is very functional in their new condominium, including all the appliances, the fixtures and the cabinetry. The cabinet work is very detailed, and serves to engage the imagination and enliven the soul.

In addition to the other upgrades facilitated by Republic West Remodeling, the shower area was renovated, complete with new flooring.


They Are Very Pleased With The Outcome of Their Remodeling.

An unexpected advantage Republic West Remodeling brought to the project was their handling of the regulatory and bureaucratic necessities of dealing with the condominium management, which many new residents of buildings such as these, find to be a real challenge. When looking back on the planning and execution of this condominium project, Carmen and Lynnette recounted many positive aspects of the process and the final result. The couple are very pleased with the outcome.

Take a few moments to read more stories about how Republic West Remodeling has outperformed. It’s all part of our commitment to doing the best possible work at the best possible price.

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