Tips for Your Master Bedroom Renovation

Tips for Your Master Bedroom RenovationThe master bedroom is typically one of the largest bedrooms in a home, as well as the one traditionally occupied by the homeowner.

If you are considering a master bedroom renovation in your home, here are some tips the Republic West Remodeling team often suggests to clients:

Add Larger Windows

Give your master bedroom large windows to allow ample light to flow throughout the space. If privacy is a concern in this department, then select ceiling-level windows, or have them installed a minimum of five feet from the floor.

Consider a Walk-In Closet

If your closet is a shared area, we always suggest that a space of 10 X 10 feet works best in the majority of scenarios. These dimensions provide enough space to dress inside the room or to even enhance the space with a mirror, dressing chair, or other luxurious furnishings.

Find a Fireplace Fit for You

A fireplace for your master bedroom is the ultimate indulgence. Over the years, we have worked with clients that prefer built-in fireplaces. However, we also have worked with homeowners who pick a stand-alone unit and enjoy the same effects.

Color Scheme

Color is often a matter of opinion. However, many hues and shades exude certain feelings. Colors can produce certain emotional responses, so it is important to carefully consider this fact when picking your master bedroom’s color scheme.

For instance, shades of blue have been shown to be calming and relaxing. In fact, some studies have even shown that people with blue bedrooms get more sleep. Alternatively, robust, brighter colors can contribute to wakefulness. Neutral colors, like pale shades of green, brown, and gray, are also great options.

A Master Bedroom Fit for You

Today, the master bedroom is often much more than simply a space where a person sleeps.  Increasingly, a master bedroom is a special, private place to relax and escape from our busy lives. When you design your master bedroom properly, it can provide a relaxing haven that helps reduce stress and encourages rest.

See our master bedroom renovation gallery and how our clients experienced working with us.

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