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Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Similar to other rooms in your home, it is important to design and decorate your master bedroom with an eye toward the room’s function.

Peace and comfort are the keys to designing a luxurious master bedroom, along with a few good master bedroom design ideas. In fact, sometimes this is all you need to transform your current master bedroom into the ultimate relaxation and sleep retreat.

By implementing some of the following ideas from the Republic West Remodeling design team, you can get a good night’s sleep, as well as a beautifully-designed master bedroom to enjoy for years to come.

Begin with a Soothing Color Palette

When it comes to master bedroom decor, the goal is typically to select colors that inspire sleep and rest. For instance, some homeowners opt for hues of white and ivory bedding to create the illusion of sleeping on a cloud. Pale blues, grays, and greens on the walls are also common choices.

Move That Bed!

Relocating your bed to an ideal spot is one of the easiest ways to give your master bedroom a new look. Consider situating the bed in an area with the best view, whether it is a view of your elegant master bathroom or a dramatically landscaped backyard.

Set a Relaxing Scene

If space allows, transform your bedroom into the ultimate relaxation zone by investing in a plush chaise lounge. Some homeowners opt for a comfortable chair and ottoman, as well.

Do you have a great view? Keep the blinds or curtains open and keep window coverings to a minimum to emphasize the scenery. Another way to add comfort? Consider installing a fireplace.

Time to Get Started With Your Master Bedroom Remodel!

Your master bedroom is where you begin and end your day. Why not make this precious space as soothing and comfortable as possible? Browse our photo gallery of previous master bedroom remodels below, or view our full home remodeling gallery for more design inspiration.


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