Fountain Hills Master Bathroom Remodel

When Charlene decided to remodel her bathroom, her husband, Dennis, had no idea what she had in mind. Having moved into their custom-built home in 2004, she had always planned on making some big changes.

“I hated the bathroom from the beginning. But we had some other more pressing things to take care of: a roof to repair and the like. I had had a vision of what I wanted it to look like for the past sixteen years, but life happens and I didn’t have a chance to put my vision in place until this past year,” she said.

A Vision Of A Better Bathroom.

Now that she was ready to proceed, Charlene contacted several different companies to come out and go over her thinking, giving her the opportunity to see how their plans dovetailed with her own on paper.

One of the firms under consideration was Republic West, and in addition to their understanding of what was required to complete the project effectively, Charlene was gratified by how the team was so friendly and responsive to her input.

“Both the designer, Jacque Richardson and the Interior Designer, Kathy Molnar had an innate sense of what I wanted to achieve. They really hit it out of the park.
What’s more, they were an absolute joy to work with on a personal level!”


The Reconstruction Begins…

When it came time to begin the reconstruction, Charlene collaborated closely with the Project Manager, Dwayne, and the construction team at Republic West.

“I knew I wanted everything that existed previously in the bathroom out. We pretty much gutted everything. We even redid the windows, including the way they were set up. I wanted a claw foot tub, and we replaced a big 1980s Jacuzzi tub with a claw foot tub more to my liking.

“The water closet that we have now is situated where the shower used to be. And the shower we have now was formerly a toilet, basically sitting in the middle of the room. I wanted to flip that because I wanted a private water closet and a shower that was a little bit larger.

“We updated our double bowl vanity, and now it actually has more storage space than what we had previously.”

Here are the final results:


A Dream Come True.

Charlene’s experience was that the entire process was literally like a dream come true, from the very beginning to the final result. Her husband was delighted with how great it turned out as well, because he didn’t really know what she was planning on doing, and he loved the outcome.

“It’s usually a girl thing. But I also had him in mind because it’s not too much of a girly bathroom. He’s very pleased with it. I’m very pleased with it. And now the weird thing is that now that all the workers are gone, it was almost as though some of our friends had moved away, we got so used to seeing them. They were like part of our family in a way.

“Dennis felt the same way. We became friends with these people, and they were always so great to work with.”

When asked if she had any special advice on working with Republic West, she said: “Everyone we worked with was very open to hearing what our opinions were. Don’t be afraid to share any problems, because no one can read your mind. Everyone was great to work with, and they simply wanted to help to make our dream become a reality.”

And the future?

“If I had to do it over again, or do another room, I would definitely go to Republic West. I’ve been recommending Republic West because I’m so happy with the results, but also because everyone was extraordinarily wonderful to work with.”

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