Let's Get Started! Your Guide to Beginning a Home Addition


Are you considering adding more living space to your home with a home addition project?

If the answer is “yes,” before you start scheduling appointments with remodeling contractors or signing on the dotted line, it is essential to know where to start and to ensure you have a clear plan in place.


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Consider Why You Want to Do a Custom Home Addition

Home additions allow you to redesign your existing property while remaining in the location you love. Ask yourself what the reason is for your interest in pursuing a home addition, as well as who will benefit from its use. Perhaps you want additional bedrooms for guests. Or maybe you have teenage children who require more space to hang out with their friends. You may also have always wanted a second floor for that extra square footage to add a guest bathroom, home office, or exercise room.

Adding to your home also expands your available living space and can make your home more efficient and more comfortable. Some of the most popular luxury home addition projects include master bath additions, master bedroom suite additions, kitchen additions, Arizona rooms, family room additions, two-story additions, and second-floor additions.

As you begin to plan, think about whether reworking your existing floor plan is a possibility, and be open to utilizing space from current closets or hallways. For example, in a new kitchen, a small breakfast nook only needs a few feet of space. But it can be utterly transformative to the room’s look and feel.

“Building out,” or building a home addition adjacent to your existing home structure, is a strategy you will hear contractors mention that is a common scenario for the majority of additions. However, in instances where space is limited, it might be smarter to “build up” than to “build out.”  Some homeowners decide to build vertically to preserve outdoor living space or to gain privacy.

Will a Home Addition Add Value?

Once you have figured out what you want to achieve by adding onto your home, it is important to determine whether a project of this magnitude will add value to your home.

One smart way to evaluate this number is to find out what other houses in your vicinity offer to potential buyers.

For instance, if you have the only home in your neighborhood with one bathroom, then adding another bathroom may make smart economic sense.

Create Your Wish List

List the items you would like to include in your custom home addition, such as unique flooring, appliances, fixtures, and elements such as kitchen islands, gas fireplaces, built-in seating, or walk-in showers.

This step also involves setting priorities. Before reaching out to remodeling contractors, determine the items you believe are essential to achieving the result you desire. In other words, you should do some shopping or talk to one of our experts to gain a clear understanding of your “must have” items.

To get inspired, we suggest incorporating plenty of “dreamtime” into your timeline. Collect eye-catching images and design plans from home design magazines and websites. Watching TV shows that feature remodeling projects is another way to get fresh ideas. You can also find additional inspiration by checking out new or remodeled homes in your neighborhood.

Find Remodeling Contractors You Can Trust

The key to finding the right professional to help with your home addition is picking someone who has a long track record in your area of performing top-quality work.

While word-of-mouth referrals are the most common way to find a home addition professional, your relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues can be excellent sources for homebuilding professionals.

If you want to get the low-down on whether a particular contractor is the right fit for your home addition project, always ask for references. Once you have a list of contacts, reach out to previous customers, and inquire about the remodeler’s work quality and reliability. For example, our team of professionals at Republic West Remodeling has developed, through years of experience and a passion for excellence, a custom home addition process that strives to deliver a caring, respectful experience to our clients.

Take a Streamlined Approach

Many homeowners opt to hire a single remodeling company to manage all aspects of their home addition. Taking this approach provides you with one point-of-contact to manage all aspects of project consultation and design, product selection, and construction as a seamless process. Many homeowners prefer this method because it not only streamlines communication throughout their home addition process but also allows for greater accountability and lower costs.

Also, working with a remodeling company, such as Republic West Remodeling, eliminates the need for you to hire and manage numerous independent contractors to work on your house addition.

Our reliable staff manages everything, including design consultation, 3D architectural renderings, construction, and more. We also handle all of the daily responsibilities including scheduling, ordering materials, and addressing any unanticipated issues that may arise.

It is our team’s job and our pride to maintain consistent and open communication with you so that you can make informed decisions and never have to worry about managing your home addition.

Home Additions In Phoenix and Scottsdale

When it comes to luxury home additions, there is a seemingly endless range of options. In fact, during your complimentary consultation, you may be surprised to experience the creativity behind the Republic West Remodeling team of design professionals. Their expertise can get you moving toward the home addition of your dreams.

No matter what the purpose of your new space is, there are countless ways to make your custom house addition functional, unique, and stylish.


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