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Find great home remodeling design ideas for all your home renovation projects including kitchens, baths, bedrooms, dens, outdoors and more.

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At Republic West Remodeling, we’re deeply proud of the more than 17,000 home remodeling projects we’ve completed since 1995 – kitchen and bath remodels, whole home remodels, room additions, and outdoor living spaces – projects that have added value and function to our clients’ homes.


Custom Home Additions

After a long day, how would you like to relax in your dream home that is designed exactly how you want it and flawlessly suits your personal needs? Or, perhaps you feel like your home could better match your lifestyle? Look no further: it is time for your dream home addition to becoming a reality.

Whether you have a complete vision or a few simple ideas, whatever your custom home addition plans are, Republic West Remodeling has the experience, expertise, and skills to help bring your custom home addition to life.

When it comes to custom home additions, nobody knows the industry or the Phoenix/Scottsdale area better than we do. In fact, home additions and remodeling is our passion.

Custom Home Additions in Phoenix& Scottsdale

What is the advantage of working with our team of professionals for your custom home addition? We are a one-stop shop for meeting all of your home remodeling needs. Our designers and builders are together under one roof, which means easier communication to ensure your new addition is unfolding exactly how you envisioned.

With Republic West Remodeling, our customers know that their custom project will deliver on their dream home throughout the entire process, from creative design and detailed planning to execution and construction.

Small Details Go a Long Way

Do you love waking to the Phoenix Mountains outside your window? Our home remodelers can design and build a custom addition that not only provides beautiful mountain range views but also caters to your every need.

Or, perhaps you want an Arizona room and outside kitchen for warm evenings and relaxing Saturday weekends.Whatever features you desire, our designers will bring them to life and create a result that you will love.

Home Additions Phoenix Republic West Remodeling

Consider a Custom Home Addition

Do you want to maximize space in your home without undertaking a whole home remodeling project? Consider a custom home addition. Together, we can create an addition that seamlessly integrates with the style of your existing home and enhances your overall livability and comfort.
Our great team of remodeling professionals can help you create any style of home addition, including: 

  • Great rooms
  • Master suites
  • Arizona rooms
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Indoor kitchen expansions
  • Game rooms, family rooms and media rooms.
  • Additional bathrooms
  • In-law suites
  • And much more

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An excellent way to learn about transforming your house into your dream home is to hear it from other homeowners that have previously added onto their house. In fact, some of our clients have been kind enough to share their stories and experiences.

Contact us today for the highest quality, custom home additions. We proudly serve Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the Phoenix Metro area. Call (480) 428-2695 for your free consultation or contact us online.

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