Home Remodeling Company in Phoenix: Increasing the Size of Your Home with a Room Addition (Part 2 of 2)

This is part two of two of how to increase the size of your home with a room addition using a home remodeling company in Phoenix. For part one, click here.


With a rough sketch in hand, check your local zoning regulations.  You don’t want to get too far along in the process if you’re proposed addition won’t meet code restrictions.

Municipalities, counties and states have online resources for constituents.  You can also contact your local building department for help or a copy of current zoning regulations.  You might find restrictions on the amount of property that can be legally house a structure.

Even if your project doesn’t comply with all zoning regulations, don’t give up, especially if you have your heart set on this particular project.  Now is the time to bring in a qualified home remodeling company in Phoenix.  Since the contractor will know the ins and outs of zoning and permitting, check to see if a zoning variance may be an option.

Get Estimates

You need to determine if your existing budget will fit with what the project you have in mind will truly cost.  Get estimates from well qualified home remodeling companies in Phoenix that specialize in room additions.  Make sure you provide potential contractors with your sketches and “wants” list.  Also, contractors must visit your site to provide an accurate estimate.

Select Your Home Remodeling Company in Phoenix

With a breakdown of materials and labor, along with per square footage and total costs, you’re ready to compare estimates.  Obviously, you want an estimate that falls within your established budget.  Plus, you need to leave at least 10 percent in the budget to cover unexpected expenses.

Once you’ve got an estimate that matches your budget, and you’ve check references thoroughly, you’re ready to sign a contract.  Your contract should be spell out all aspects of the project, including start and finish schedules.  Also, make sure materials are defined.  Leaving no gray areas helps ensure a smooth delivery.

Although complex, room additions can be one of the most satisfying projects you’ll undertake.  But the success of your project will depend on the competency of your home remodeling company in Phoenix.  Make sure your contractor has a verifiable track record and can complete your project in weeks rather than months.

With a professional at your side, you can complete the planning, preparation, construction and finalization without a glitch. For more information contact Republic West Remodeling about room additions and home remodeling to have your project started today!

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