Home Remodeling Company in Phoenix: Increasing the Size of Your Home with a Room Addition (Part 1 of 2)

If you’re thinking of a room addition, a home remodeling company in Phoenix can help you explore the various options.  A reputable contractor will also create a solid plan that helps avoid any potential pitfalls.

Expanding your home’s space is an exciting venture.  You’re taking the steps to turn your existing home into the home you always wanted.  Whether you’re expanding an existing space or creating an entirely new room, the end result will increase the value of your home when done professionally.

So, if you want to create a new master bedroom suite, a great room or guest suite, a qualified remodeling contractor can help you increase your space and home’s value.  Room additions are often considered one of the best remodeling investments you can make. The first step in your home remodeling project should be defining the project.

Define the Project

Adding a new room is a complicated process, even with a good home remodeling company in Phoenix.  To realize the best return on your investment, it’s important you spend as much time as you need upfront to define and plan your project.  If you do this preliminary work before you hire a contractor, you’ll have a better chance of translating your ideas into reality.

What are the primary reasons for you adding space?  Do you want to increase liveable space for more home value?  Do you have another child on the way and need a bedroom?  Do you want an entertainment area for family and guests?

Although room additions are a more complicated remodeling project, don’t be overwhelmed.  Tackle the project in small steps so it becomes a more manageable process.  Consider the space you’ll need to accomplish the goals for the room.  Also, consider the larger home size relative to your property lot.

Make a list of everything you want in the room.  Jot down ideas of special features, how you want the room to look and anything else you can think of wanting in the end result. Once you decide the what and why of your room addition, set your budget.  Decide a maximum amount that includes all aspects of the project, including your design and building costs.

Rough Layout Sketches

With a good idea of what you want to see in your room addition, sketch it out so you can see how it lays out with the rest of your property.  If you have a floor plan and site map from your home purchase, make copies and draw different options on these layouts.  If you don’t have existing layouts, draw your own.  Try to draw the elements in proper scale as much as possible.

Although your home remodeling company in Phoenix will complete final plans, you want to get a sense of how your project fits before you hand it off to your contractor.  You can save time and money if you realize upfront that what you have in mind might not work in your existing property.

In part two of this series, we will explore local zoning regulations and how to obtain estimates and select your home remodeling company in Phoenix. For more information on room additions and home remodeling, continue reading our blog or contact Republic West Remodeling today!

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