Top 5 Tips for Home Interior Design and Construction

Top 5 Tips for Home Interior Design and Construction

2019 has brought refreshing color palettes and structural designs that are reinventing outdated interiors. At Republic West Remodeling, our interior design team always has their eyes fixed on the latest trends and best practices in remodeling and interior design.

Modern and Southwest home remodeling concepts are incredibly popular with our clients. Crafting impeccable interior designs is also a specialty of Habitat Renovations, with whom we merged in January 2019.

If you’re a homeowner looking for a way to refresh your property’s look, we have some tips to share with you. Here are some home interior design ideas that can transform your property into a chic and contemporary environment.

Modern & Southwestern Interior Design Tips

Teaming up with Habitat Renovations, which has a specific focus on interior design, has enabled us at Republic West to fine-tune our interior design abilities with our newly combined team. We enjoy bringing new life to an interior that needs some love. Contemporary and southwestern styles especially look good in an Arizona home. \

Here are five tips that we follow when creating a modern look in someone’s home:

1: Update the Color Scheme

In our collection of client home remodeling stories, many of the”before” pictures are plagued with dark, outmoded color schemes. Wooden panels from the past century often make a home looked cramped, as well as dark paint. Contemporary aesthetics, on the other hand, yearn to eliminate the claustrophobic feeling of older homes.

Modern designs utilize colors that define your interior space and make it look as spacious as possible. Property owners have made some dramatic changes by simply changing the walls from dark blue to white, such as with the Edwards Family Tempe Renovation.

Another common element of modern desert home interior design is to keep things cool and open, and light paint and cool colored stonework aids in making the vision come to life.

2: Open Spaces

Another key aspect of modern design is creating more free space. Old home layouts are often “boxy” and compartmentalized. Modern interiors, on the other hand,┬álean toward eliminating constraints to give more freedom in design and movement. Modern spatial renovations are also famous for knocking out unnecessary walls, such as Lisa and Alan’s renovation that combined the kitchen and living room into a chic great room that was more functional and enjoyable.

3: Update the Furniture

Even with fresh paint, new flooring, and countertops, the wrong furniture can give homes an outmoded feel. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Fresh, contemporary furniture will complete the hard work of your contractors. Trends in contemporary furniture point to clean, solid-colored pieces that lean toward neutral and earthen color schemes. There are also instances in which homeowners pick bold statement pieces, like this Avery Tufted Round Storage Ottoman from Boulevard Urban Living, to spice things up.

4. Accessories and Decorations

While modern furniture completes the “big picture” of interior design, accessories wall decor, accent rugs, potpourri, vases, and other definitive statement pieces provide the finishing touch. This is where you can get even more adventurous and experiment with different accent colors and materials that compliment your home. These items can also change with the seasons to provide a unique mood and setting throughout the year, adding excitement to your staple furniture pieces.

5. Lighting

Another way to open up space is through the right lighting. Homeowners have knocked out windows and replaced doors to make them taller to let in more light. You can also switch out a few light fixtures to update your home’s look. Illuminating dark corners can make a big impact on how big a room looks as well. Take the Airin Wall Sconce from Thingz, for instance. It is a small light you can mount vertically on your wall to brighten up a tight corner where a lamp or ceiling light wouldn’t fit.

Modern and Southwestern Home Interior Design Company in Scottsdale & Phoenix

The search for “home interior designers near me” stops here! Let the expertise of Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovations bring out the best in your modern home interior design.

Our combined execution teams have formed an expanded production group that has been meeting the growing needs of our clients: both on the large and small scale.

Learn more about what we can do for your home’s interior design by arranging a free consultation with Republic West Remodeling today.

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