Edwards Tempe Condo Remodeling Story

The Edwards family recently moved to Tempe from out of state. They loved everything about the city, which has experienced so much growth in the past two decades. They selected a condo that was near all the excitement that downtown Tempe had to offer. Though they couldn’t wait to live in their new home, the family knew that the property’s interior needed to undergo some tweaks.

In their Tempe home remodeling vision, the Edwards wanted a beautiful white color palette that was streamlined and simple. Before the renovations, the condo had a dark color scheme that made it look smaller than it really was. They also wanted to adjust their kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The Sixth Time’s the Charm

The Edwards’ remodeling story could have ended much differently without the help of Republic West Remodeling. Based on recommendations from friends and colleagues, the family went through five potential contractors who all ultimately lacked the transparency and responsiveness the Edwards deserved. Then, through a friend’s recommendation, the family contacted Republic West Remodeling.

They noted an immediate difference in the quality of customer service, expertise, and organization. First, Republic West Remodeling actually called them back to discuss the project and when they connected, they listened and provided a reasonable proposal. While It was like pulling teeth to have other contractors give them a bid, Republic West Remodeling itemized every cost onto a list with realistic and honest prices.

Meanwhile, the other contractors had bids that fluctuated greatly. One was suspiciously low, which left the future open to add-ons that could make the cost skyrocket mid-project. Another made a bid as high as the price of a small home, which wasn’t a good value to pursue.

Another issue was the time frame. The Edwards never got a concrete answer about when the other contractors could start or when they would finish. However, Republic West Remodeling presented the Edwards a personalized “Blue Print for Success Book” that contained the project’s exact timelines and cost. Needless to say, the Edwards decided to go ahead with the project and The Republic West Remodeling Team quickly went to work.

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The First Impression with Republic West Remodeling

The Edwards met with Arthur Gambino, who proposed a remodeling plan. He based it on the family’s list of 25 items that they presented to him during their meeting. Arthur’s designs addressed their pain points with resolutions that were honestly priced. In addition, the schedule and 3D-renderings of the project’s potential outcome were all fully presented in the Blue Print for Success master plan book.

Even though the family was not in Arizona for most of the remodeling phase of the project, Arthur stayed in constant communication with his client through FaceTime. This was extremely important to the family as they wanted to be kept in the loop. This steady stream of communication put them at ease and made an overall professional experience.

The Contracting Experience

During communications over the phone and FaceTime, the Edwards noted how polite, respectful, and clean the contractors were. They started working with their Advocate and project manager, Kevin Kimmerling, who they said was great working with them long-distance.

The Edwards had been through remodeling and home building projects in the past, so they knew that remodeling their condo would involve some inconveniences. But Republic West Remodeling surprised them with their expedience and their ability to stay on schedule. The Republic West Remodeling Team were respectful of their condo’s building management. They were careful to not leave a mess in the elevators and only worked within select hours.

The family also noted that Republic West Remodeling, unlike the other contractors they contacted, took their remodeling job seriously. Republic West Remodeling is licensed, insured and bonded. They also appreciated how organized our consultants and contractors were. The transparency that the plan book gave them left no surprises or questions unanswered.

In the end, they believed that Republic West Remodeling was the only home remodeling contractor who didn’t try to take advantage of them. Republic West Remodeling was the most honest and communicative. There were no chances for surprise add-on costs or for a project lingering on for months beyond the schedule.

The Tempe Home Remodeling Project

  • The condo had a dark color scheme that was replaced with a simple, white color scheme. This included:
    • Replacing the old black island with a new white kitchen island.
    • Installing new lighting in the dining room and kitchen to illuminate the home.
    • Installing new wallpaper in two bedrooms.
    • Painting all the walls white, eliminating the beige, blue, or grey.
  • The Edwards didn’t want to replace the bathrooms entirely, but they still wanted to make some significant aesthetic adjustments. In one bathroom remodel, we took out the brown tiles on the wall and painted the upper half of these walls white. This opened the space while still respecting the family’s decision to allocate more of the budget elsewhere.


The Amazing Home Remodeling Results

The Edwards were thrilled that Republic West Remodeling was very thorough, on time, on budget, and focused on making them happy. The results embodied everything the family had in their vision and made their new urban condo look larger and more modern!

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