Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

your bathroom, why not get a tub that’s used? Luxury bathtubs are often very expensive, but if you look around online or in-person at local thrift stores and secondhand sellers, you can find gently used versions of these fixtures for much less. Some styles even feature luxurious touches like massage capabilities and hydrotherapy jets-without busting your budget.

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Change the Lighting

The most basic way to update a bathroom for less is to change its lighting. Swap out dim, energy-sucking incandescent bulbs for brighter, more efficient fluorescents or LEDs.

In addition to cutting down on your electric bill, you’ll make your bathroom brighter and more inviting – even if you haven’t touched a thing else in there. If it turns out that those new lights aren’t sufficient for your needs, consider hiring a remodeling company to install recessed ceiling lights.

Just be sure that you buy Energy Star-certified bulbs (Ikea carries them) as they use only 75 percent of the electricity as regular lightbulbs and can save you around $90 annually on each fixture!

bathroom remodeling in Scottsdale

Get Your Bathroom Remodeled by a Professional

If you’d prefer not to deal with construction and remodeling projects yourself, then hire a company that can do for you everything from start to finish. You know exactly how you want your bathroom to look and Republic West Remodeling can create a custom spa-esque atmosphere in your home. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation today for bathroom remodeling in Scottsdale today!

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