Jan’s Master Suite Remodel

Although she loved her home, Jan new that it was time for a change. She had looked into doing remodeling in the past, but the expense and time she thought it would take kept deterring her. Finally, she decided that enough was enough. She wanted to redo her master bathroom and make it into her little “oasis”. As a previous customer of Republic West Remodeling, Jan reached out to CEO Jim Weisman to ask what they could put together for her.

As soon as that call was made, everything began to fall into place. Arthur, from Republic West Remodeling, came out to talk through Jan’s vision for her bathroom and what could be done to help make her home exactly what she imagined. He suggested things that were in line with what she hoped to accomplish and came back less than a week later with 3D renderings of the rooms.

After agreeing on a final design and timeline, everything began to move quickly. “Republic West Remodeling was ahead of schedule the entire time. My project manager Gregg and Kathy were great to work with. Kathy was extremely helpful when it came to translating colors and ideas into reality. Every detail, from the tub, to the tile, to the shower heads, were exactly what I had hoped to achieve.”

Jan continued to live in her home throughout the construction phase. As the contractors moved from room to room, they would stage everything to keep the home functional. “Everybody that came to my home they was respectful of my time, neat, considerate and accommodating. Gregg, the project manager, was in touch with me consistently and stopped by all the time to walk through the projects with me.” After nearly two months, it was time for Jan to move back into the completed spaces. She found that it helped her become more organized and allowed her to kind of “cleanse” the spaces.

When asked if she would recommend Republic West Remodeling, she said “Whenever you hire a company, you want to see their work. In addition to Republic West Remodeling being in my home, my other friends have used them for their kitchen remodeling projects. They were all very happy with the work and had nothing but high recommendations. It makes a difference when people who are neat, polite and clean are the ones working on your project. Being able to live in your home and not having it negatively impacted is a big deal.”

“Republic West Remodeling is different than other companies. With other remodeling companies, two months becomes four months. Cost goes up multitudes, you’re unhappy during the process, stressed out continually and you get to the point that you just want it done. I didn’t feel that way at all. I was excited for the project to be done so that I could enjoy everything that they had created.”


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