Why Hiring a Professional Home Remodeler Beats DIY

Remodeler Vs DIYWhether your newly-purchased home needs a makeover or your family’s needs have changed over the years, like many homeowners, you may find yourself considering a room addition, a remodeling project, or a whole house makeover to ensure your home meets your current lifestyle demands.  When planning your remodel, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is deciding whether you are going to hire a professional home remodeler or if you are going to attempt to go it alone.

DIY vs. Hiring a Home Remodeler

It may seem like an easy call. If you are a novice handyperson or weekend warrior, you may be able to handle small tasks such as replacing a light fixture or updating a room with a new paint color. If you have extensive DIY experience, you can probably switch out your bathroom sink fixture or add beadboard to your kitchen nook. Anything more complicated than that should rely on the expertise of a professional home remodeler.  However, many homeowners seriously overestimate their personal skill level and underestimate their need for professional expertise.

The most common mistakes homeowners make when attempting to tackle home improvement projects include:

Underestimating costs. When you hire a professional home remodeler, they have years of experience estimating the cost of materials and supplies that will work within a specific budget. An inexperienced D.I.Y.er will find themselves back at the home improvement store because they incorrectly gauged the amount of materials required or measured wrong. It is easy to go over budget when you forget to add needed materials such as insulation or grout and sealer to your costs.

Unfinished projects.  Time management is an important part of any remodeling process. When the work involved is more complicated than expected or you only have weekends to work on your remodel, the project can drag out for weeks or even months. Trying to live with a gutted kitchen for months will try even the most patient homeowner. When you hire a professional home remodeler, you’ll know the time frame for the completed work in advance – and what could take you weeks or months to complete can be finished in a fraction of the time.

Inexperience. It may seem like an easy task to create an open concept floor plan by simply knocking down a half-wall, but that wall may be a crucial support for your ceiling and roof. By hiring a home remodeler, you will rest assured that the work performed will be up to code, from the electrical to the plumbing, and they will secure any local permits needed for renovations or additions. Many home remodeling shows make it look easy to re-tile a shower or lay hardwood flooring, but if done incorrectly, it will need to be ripped out and new materials purchased to start over. Hiring a home remodeler from the beginning can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Why Hire a Professional Home Remodeler?

To ensure your home renovation delivers everything you anticipated, take care when hiring a home remodeler. Look for a professional company that can manage costs effectively, complete work promptly, and resolve issues that surface during the completion of your project.

When you hire a professional home remodeler, you also benefit from a wide array of perks that include:

In-house design services. Having your renovated space reflect your original vision is important. A dedicated design team using sophisticated planning software will be more likely to deliver your dream home than trying to work with pictures from magazines to create a concept that might not work with your home’s specific architecture. By hiring a home remodeler you will have a wealth of design options at your disposal.

Warranty protection. When you undertake a renovation project yourself and buy new materials or fixtures, you may have limited warranty protection, but it won’t cover issues caused by getting the materials to your home or installing them incorrectly. When hiring a professional home remodeler, you will not only be protected against defective materials and products, but also faulty installation and incidental damage.

References and project documentation. It is hard to gauge how well you will do when attempting to take on home remodeling projects yourself, but it is easy to compare different companies when you are relying on experts. The best way to assess a home remodeler’s work is to sift through client reviews and photographs of completed project and talk to previous clients of a professional home remodeler who have undertaken projects similar to yours.

Additionally, when considering a home renovation project, a professional home remodeler can provide added assurance by:

  • Using effective communication and follow-through to successfully complete your project.
  • Providing the best quality of materials for your budget and help you make wise selections through their vendors.
  • Preventing injury to household members or pets or damage to your home by maintaining a neat and safe job site.
  • Ensuring that the project meets or exceeds all applicable regulations and building codes.
  • Responding promptly to inquiries, concerns and service calls.
  • Guaranteeing the quality of work with a warranty.

Republic West Remodeling: Your Professional Home Remodeler

Republic West Remodeling is dedicated to making your home remodeling process as painless as possible.  With over 22 years in business in the Phoenix and Phoenix metro area, we are your premier professional home remodeler, and we have the testimonials, references, and track record to back our claim.

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