Use White for Light and Creativity

White RoomThere are many advantages to using white in a home. One of the best reasons is its remarkable ability to reflect the maximum amount of light in a room. From an aesthetic perspective, white can create a look that’s not only modern and clean, but also simple and calm.

Over the years, we have had many clients tell us they want to paint the entire interior of their house white, but our designers often suggest they use this achromatic hue in more creative ways. By diversifying white in your home, from room to room, you can reap the benefits of light while avoiding the trap of monotony. The best part: you have endless options for incorporating livelier, beautiful hues all around.

Here are several ways you can incorporate white throughout your home:

  • Play Up the Details. White cabinets brighten dark kitchens and create a spacious look and feel. However, white kitchens are most interesting when playful details are introduced. For example, use dark flooring, or consider framing out a white oven hood with a darker background. Each of these ideas add personality and create a modern look.
  • Make It Pop. While darker rooms are elegant and relaxing, they also can look dreary when lighter or brighter hues are missing. Here’s an idea: consider a deep-blue space with a white ceiling and over-sized crown molding to help balance the wall color. Additionally, a white fireplace mantle and surround and interesting side chairs can bring a modern accent to an otherwise traditional room.
  • Focus Overhead. We all know that a unique, wood beam ceiling can make all the difference in a room. But if want to lighten up your space, a coat of white paint on the wood beams can do wonders. Furthermore, if you use one thin coat or a whitewash technique, you will preserve the lines of the grain so the wood still looks natural versus hidden beneath layers and layers of paint.
  • Consider White Trim. Have you ever thought about a generous size of wainscoting to cover most of your bedroom wall? Try this approach, and consider adding a pretty bright color to peek out over the top. With a lively mix of colors and patterns on your bed and floor, the white wainscoting will create a simple background.
  • Think Flooring. White floors can look fancy and casual at the same time. As a result, they work well with numerous design styles. They also create the illusion that the furniture is floating. When painting wood floors, use a good-quality oil- or water-based primer before applying the paint. Finish the job with at least two coats of clear, gloss polyurethane. This can provide extra durability, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Heading Up. If you go the route of white floors, take it a step further and carry the look up your staircase.
  • Don’t Forget the Tiles. Subway tile is extremely popular these days and can help increase the value of your home. It’s an excellent way to incorporate white into your kitchen or bathroom, but that doesn’t mean the entire room needs to be white. Introduce a pop of color that can be woven in throughout the tiles.
  • Include the outdoors. Last but not least, don’t forget the outside and open-air spaces of your home. The porch can be an ideal place to use an off-white, particularly if the area is very bright and sunny. For an elegant, modern touch of contrast, try painting the trim and doors black or charcoal gray.

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