Adding Storage Options to Your Home

Adding Storage To Your HomeMany homeowners would agree: it’s easy to grow accustomed to our home’s furnishings and how they’re arranged. However, this all-too-familiar perspective can actually limit our perception of the layout of each room. And when looking to add storage options to a home, it’s better to switch up the routine.

One way to boost storage options is to imagine a room empty. Or, simply move furniture to another space for a day or two. This completely new perspective can help reveal existing niches or areas where built-ins, closets, shelving and more could improve your home’s storage capacity and overall aesthetics.

What Options Are Available?

From walk-in to reach-in closets, unused spaces underneath stairs to open, vertical wall spaces, there are many ways to add more storage to a home. And during a home remodeling project, it’s important to consider each possibility and product option, along with their various capabilities.

Yet, it’s even more crucial to use the right combination of products to meet your functional, spatial and style needs. Options available today are wide-ranging, as are the materials with which they are made. You can use anything from prefabricated or custom-made options to metal, wood/laminate mixed and other materials.

The key is realizing that a truly complete storage solution should be flexible and adjustable, offering you both the look and function you ultimately need.

Open Shelving/Closed Storage Spaces

The master bedroom closet is one of those areas in the home where the most personal and special items are often stored. By incorporating an efficiently organized closet or space with the right amount of open shelving and closed storage spaces, you can turn an ineffective space into a new, more easy-to-access, functional space.

In areas that need to be efficient, accessible and organized – the laundry room – a combination of open and closed shelving is ideal. With this approach, you can maintain tidiness in a heavily-trafficked part of the house, but still place regularly-used items out in the open in an organized manner. Wire shelving with ample hanging area is also helpful in the laundry room, since its open design promotes ventilation.

Wood/Laminate Closet Solutions

Wood/laminate closet systems are a great option for both bedroom closets and laundry areas. They can be designed and installed in a walk-in, reach-in or open wall storage space, making them a more affordable – yet equally eye-appealing – alternative to built-in-place shelving. And with options on the market ranging from premium door and drawer fronts to nickel-finished handles, furniture-quality storage systems are definitely trending with many homeowners today.

Kitchen Pantry, Utility and Garage = Heavy Lifting

Most people agree that the kitchen is by far the most frequently accessed room in the house. Today’s cabinets and pantries must be designed for visibility and easy access – catering to busy lifestyles, or even an aspiring gourmet or baking aficionado. Whether fixed-mounted or adjustable, wire shelving is ideal for pantries. And while it doesn’t hide food staples or cooking supplies, it is extremely durable and low maintenance.

When it comes to garages and utility areas, homeowners often have on hand bulky, hard-working products that need storage places that are durable. These products also need storage design options that allow you to fit their various components together, as needed, to maximize space. This can be achieved with either laminate or wire shelving as storage solutions.

At Republic West Remodeling, we believe every square foot of your home is valuable. We also believe storage does not have to be sterile. If you are considering a home remodeling in Phoenix, visit our website for more information about how we can help.  We are committed to providing a great experience to you throughout the entire whole home remodeling process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction.

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