Whole Home Remodeling in Scottsdale: Siding 101

Whole Home Remodeling SidingWhether you’re building a brand new home or simply making some updates, new siding can help improve the curb appeal of your house, while also increasing the overall value of your house.

An attractive, durable material covering the exterior of your home, siding comprises the outside layer of your home’s exterior, serving to both protect and insulate.

There are numerous kinds of siding available on the market today, including aluminum, vinyl and wood, to name a few. The material you choose will impact your home’s curb appeal and will also determine how much you end up paying for your installation.

In addition to materials, the location, size and style of your house will directly impact the cost to purchase and install your siding. Keep in mind: it’s important to shop around for estimates before deciding on a professional to manage your siding project.

How Is the Cost Determine? 

Like a whole home remodeling project, there are numerous factors that go into the final cost of installing siding, including:

  • Home size: The larger your home is, the more materials you will obviously need (and the longer the installation process will take).
  • Actual shape of your home: For example, a basic “box-shaped” house is easier to side than a home with multiple stories or eaves.
  • Quality: Remember, low-cost siding may save money up front, but more expensive siding is likely be more durable and will need to be replaced less often (meaning it can probably save you money in the long-term).
  • Old siding decisions: While some new siding can be installed directly over older siding, other homes might need to have the old siding removed before receiving a new layer. If old siding has to be removed first, the cost for the project will likely increase.

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