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Scottsdale Home Remodeling Firm The Scottsdale area—and, really, all of Arizona—is so beautiful and unique that it’s no surprise that most people never want to leave once they discover the magic this area can offer. The culture, local natural wonders, and enviable climate are just a few of the many aspects of local living that are so appealing to a lot of people.

For many property owners, though, it goes beyond that. It isn’t just the area in general that they feel connected to, it’s their specific property itself. Once they have found a place where they have grown comfortable, and possibly shared many important and emotional moments and occasions, it makes sense that the owners would have a strong sentimental tie to that property. From a practical standpoint, they may also have arranged their life to revolve around that location, with many friends close by and critical services they use in that area.

Especially for those who are dealing with health issues or other major life changes, the ability to remain in a home they love can provide a significant sense of comfort and stability. This can have a major positive impact on their emotional and mental well-being, which in turn affects their physical health.

Fortunately, there are strategies that can make it more likely that someone will be able to continue to remain in their home, even as they get older or face health challenges. This approach is called “aging in place.” While the specific tasks involved vary by the situation, the general idea is to make whatever adjustments are necessary to make a person’s current home safe and comfortable for them as they age. This allows them to remain in a familiar, comfortable environment while also avoiding the stress and disruption of relocating.

Often, the adjustments required in this situation are relatively minor home renovation tasks. Perhaps the steps and doorways need to be retrofitted with some safety railings, or the bathroom may need a few safety features installed. A common solution is to establish a ground-floor bedroom suite (if one doesn’t already exist) to avoid the need to make constant trips up and down the stairs.

It may also be helpful to create an additional living space that would allow an adult child or other caretaker to move into the home to assist the owner. In many cases, there are a number of creative options that can be considered.

If you need a Scottsdale home remodeling contractor with experience in assisting with a goal of aging in place, contact RW Remodeling.

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