Look to Social Media for Home Remodeling Ideas

Look to Social Media for Home Remodeling IdeasIf you are seeking ideas, inspiration or tips related to home remodeling (or just about anything else), you have a wealth of resources right at your fingertips. Social media can be a valuable source of creative motivation and practical advice for anyone contemplating a home renovation project.

If you post a quick update on any popular social media outlet seeking tips about any type of home project, your contacts will probably rush to chime in with advice, anecdotes and even plenty of horror stories about pitfalls you need to avoid. One challenge: you will likely get bombarded with so much information that it might become overwhelming, and it can be tough to sort out the most important takeaways. Plus, you have to filter through the opinions and well-meaning yet possibly not totally accurate advice in order to zero in on the tips that are truly relevant for your situation.

One specific area where social media can be a big help is to get feedback on local contractors or home improvement companies. Generally, people are very willing—usually eager—to share their experiences, both good and bad, with businesses and services professionals. While you sometimes need to watch out for negative feedback that may stem from a personality conflict or other issue, this can be an effective way to tap into word of mouth advertising and recommendations.

Probably the biggest treasure trove of social media inspiration for home remodeling ideas would be Pinterest, due to its focus on visual content. A search for home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodel, and even “before and after” leads to so many results, you probably could spend days just looking through even a small fraction of them. Even if you are still only at the “wishing and dreaming” part of your planning process, this search can often spark many ideas of creative approaches you haven’t even considered.

If you have a particular challenge or concern—say, trying to work around an unusual layout or striving to achieve a unique combination of goals—you might be surprised to find that your issue isn’t quite so rare after all, as you will probably hear from at least one or two people who overcame a similar situation.

Once you do find some images you like, save them to show to your home improvement contractor, as this will help them visualize what exactly you have in mind.

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