Good Planning is Key for Smooth Home Remodel in Phoenix

Good Home Remodel PlanningHome improvement projects can have their fair share of bumps and headaches even under the best of circumstances. But trying to “wing it” or make things up as you go along while a home renovation is in progress is a surefire recipe for disaster. This is one instance where spontaneity is not a good thing. Being unpredictable may be charming in many situations, but home remodeling is not one of them.

Unexpected decisions or changes to an in-progress home renovation job can result in higher expenses and additional charges. It can also lead to wasted time and materials, and may be disruptive or annoying to contractors and their crews.

Careful planning, on the other hand, lets you tailor your timeline according to what works best for the professionals involved. This is particularly important given that most home improvement projects involve a variety of different professional trades, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others. Each of these parties have their own schedules and work processes. In many cases, the work of one crew must be done before another can start their work. If this workflow isn’t lined up just right, crews may arrive only to find they are unable to begin, or the jobsite may be idle with no work happening at all. Neither is a scenario you want, especially when you are eager to have the project completed as quickly as possible.

Proper foresight and preparation can also help your family have a reasonable idea of what you can expect during the renovation process, as far as the inconvenience and disruptions you should anticipate. This can not only help you mentally prepare, but can also help you determine what, if any, alternative arrangements you may need to make. For example, you may realize that it would be better if you made plans to be elsewhere for at least a week or two during the noisiest and most distracting parts of the process.

Home renovations tend to be inherently stressful, but creating problems and headaches that could have been avoided with better planning is sure to lead to some frayed nerves and rising tension. And that’s something nobody wants to endure, especially in the trying environment of home repair or construction.

Here are some quick tips to assist you in the planning for your home renovation project:

Choose the right contractor. This is perhaps the most important planning decision, because this in turn will affect everything else related to your project. Plus, your contractor will be a valuable ally in helping to ensure you have a detailed and efficient plan—and that everything goes according to this plan. Ideally, your contractor can handle much of the major planning (and execution) for you, thus taking a lot of the worries and work off your shoulders.

Have an escape strategy.  Even the most patient of homeowners can find home renovations to be unbearable at some point. Have a plan for where and how you can escape, even for a few days, if you reach a point where you need a break from all of the noise and activity for a few days.

Do your research and ask around. If this is your first major renovation project of this type, it can be tough to come up with a thorough and realistic plan, since you may not know quite what to expect. Ask friends and neighbors who have survived similar projects to share their insights and advice. Be sure to specifically ask about anything that may have surprised them or that threw an unexpected monkey wrench into the plan. Tips on lessons learned or things they would do differently can be particularly helpful. If you do know anyone whom you can ask personally, check out websites and message boards focusing on home improvements, and you will surely find some good advice or anecdotes from other property owners that may be helpful.

Communicate with your contractor, and ask questions. One of the best sources of information that will be critical to your planning process is your contractor. As a veteran of many home improvement projects, they can tell you from firsthand experience what you can expect, and can also warn you about common pitfalls that frequently occur with the specific type of project you are having done. They can of course offer many tips as to how to put together the most efficient plan and then ensure your plan stays on track.

All of us here at RW Remodeling believe the only surprises you should get during a home improvement project are pleasant ones. With our extensive experience in this area, we can help you put together a detailed plan for your Phoenix home remodel that can ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact us to discuss your next home improvement project.

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