Things to Consider for Your Scottsdale Room Addition

Scottsdale room additionsA room addition isn’t something you should just do on a whim. There are some major pros and cons involved. As this article notes, there are lots of things to consider on both sides before you decide to go ahead with the project.

You likely have already given some thought to the pros—that’s probably what is motivating you to think about a room addition in the first place. You will have more space, be able to live more comfortably in your current location and (if you plan it carefully) recoup much of your investment as a result of higher property value.

However, there are of course some potential negatives to think about. It your lot size is relatively small, for example, you might be losing some of your already limited yard area. Then of course there are the costs and potential disruptions involved with an addition (and a home remodel of any type). There may also be increased utility costs as a result of your enlarged space.

Then there is the possibility that you may “over-improve” your space—meaning, price yourself out of the top limits of what homes in your neighborhood can fetch. Of course, this is really only a concern if you plan to try and sell your home in the near future.

Once you’ve considered all the issues and possible challenges involved, we suspect you will likely still want to go ahead and proceed with your room addition plans. If so, we would love to help, as we have created many room additions for our clients in the Scottsdale area.

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