Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

It’s here and ready for you to download!  Claim your copy of our latest guide, “Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams” today!

Republic West Remodeling’s latest guide is an informative resource for successfully remodeling any bathroom.  We developed this guide for homeowners so they understand their available options and can evaluate them carefully.

By educating yourself, you’ll be able to complete a successful bathroom remodeling project – just as you had envisioned it.  Our latest guide helps you learn:

  • How to Design an Efficient Bathroom Floor Plan
  • How to Determine the Best Bathroom Sink Style
  • How to Design Bathroom Lighting
  • How to Select the Right Bathtub
  • How to Design a Great Shower
  • How to Select Bathroom Cabinetry
  • How to Choose Bathroom Flooring
  • How to Determine What Bathroom Amenities You Should Include
  • How to Use Color and Texture in Your Bathroom

With useful knowledge under your belt, careful planning and a good remodeling team, you’ll be enjoying your dream bathroom in no time.

To download your copy of “Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams,” visit now!

For more information on bathroom remodeling, or to request a free, no obligation, design consultation, visit or call (480) 478-8700.

Scott Wallace Scott Wallace (757 Posts)

Scott Wallace has a passion for design and architecture. He founded Habitat Renovations as an offshoot of his two furniture store businesses, Thingz Contemporary Living and Boulevard Urban Living, with the goal of providing a broader range of design and construction services to his clientele. Scott and his wife Susie have been serving homeowners in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for 15 years. Habitat Renovations merged with Republic West Remodeling in January of 2019.

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