Act Now to Get Home Improvement Tax Credits

If you’ve been contemplating a home improvement project but keep putting it off, this might be just the motivation you need to get started. If you can incorporate some energy-saving elements into your remodeling plan (and really, why wouldn’t you want to do that?) Uncle Sam may give you some financial rewards-if you act quickly.

There are some nice tax credits available for homeowners who make energy efficient improvement to their property, but some of these credits expire at the end of this year. So you need to act quickly to take advantage of these tax breaks. To qualify, your project must involve adding energy-efficient products to your home. This can include a wide variety of items, such as energy-efficient windows and doors, insulation or roofing, along with things like solar water heaters or electricity equipment and geothermal heat pumps.

No matter what type of project you have in mind, most likely there’s a way to incorporate at least a few of these items into your plan. As a bonus, these products will help you cut down on future utility costs, while also allowing you to “go green” at the same time.

At RW Remodeling, we would be happy to suggest some ways to make your remodel more energy-efficient, allowing you to take advantage of some available tax breaks.

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