Planning With an Arizona Home Remodeling Contractor Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we discussed what you should expect at the initial pre-construction planning meeting with an Arizona home remodeling contractor. In this blog post we will discuss the additional steps of the pre-construction planning process.


After your initial meeting, a second meeting between you and the Arizona home remodeling contractor’s sales/design consultant will occur, typically within a week to 10 days of the initial meeting. At that time, the drawings and renderings of the project will be presented. The creative dialogue will continue and changes can be made until a sensible balance of design, details, and budget is achieved. A discussion will occur about the construction process, when potential start times are available and an estimate of time to project completion. A line-by-line detailing of the scope of work will be generated with an exact cost for the agreed upon scope. The Arizona home remodeling contractor’s software then generates contracts for signature spelling out in clear, concise language and necessary detail, the exact scope of work. Whatever additional time will be taken, as needed, to achieve a conclusive agreement on the scope, the price, and the desire to work together.


At such time when that agreement exists, contracts will be signed and a deposit required. It is important to realize that the first expenditure of dollars is after details are agreed too, cost certainty and time certainty exist.


Upon signature of contracts, a meeting will be set up with the Head of Pre-Construction and Planning. This meeting will occur within one week or less from contract signature. This person should be an architect with years of residential remodeling experience. They will deliver the remodeling project plan, which outlines the process moving forward, communication avenues, and everything a customer needs to know to help through the actual construction phase. They will ensure that the scope of work as sold can be executed as expected. Any concerns or potential issues will be brought to light here and addressed early on in the process.


The Head of Pre-Construction and Planning will then prepare the field staff for the projects execution. A detailed day-by-day, line-by-line timeline will be prepared. This will be entered into the Arizona home remodeling contractor’s software system and scopes of work and purchase orders will be generated. A job tracking report will be generated for the job foreman as well as the field management staff. An in-house communication tool titled “notes and cautions” will be the one and only place where all information will be communicated. This pre-construction process will normally take about one week and upon its completion, a project can start as needed.

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