Ways to Lessen the Construction Disruption with Room Additions in Scottsdale

Ways to Lessen the Construction Disruption with Room Additions in ScottsdaleWhen preparing for room addition in Scottsdale homes, there is no way around the fact that it will cause some disruption to your normal living routine. That being said, there are a number of ways to lessen that disruption depending on the room that is being added, the layout of the home and what compromises you are willing or able to make during the process.

Most homeowners underestimate the disruption a large remodeling project can create. A room addition is a complex project that will take a fairly long time to complete. The key to a smooth addition is a great deal of planning, a strong concept and design, and open communication with your contractor and design team.

For those that will have difficulty living with the dust, noise, lack of privacy from strangers in your home and overall commotion, living elsewhere during the construction may be an option for some. For others that choose to or must stay in the home during construction the most feasible way to lessen the disruption is to alter your routine. The degree to which that will be effective is dependent on what type of room(s) will be added and where it is located in the house

For example, if you’re adding a bedroom or other living space the impact of the work might be minimal if it’s an exterior addition, because it’s not impacting the interior of the house. If you’re out of the house all day, noise won’t be a factor into they break through and join the addition to the rest of the house.

If it is a kitchen on the other hand where you are expanding the current kitchen you need to have an alternate means of making meals eating out and ordering takeout will get pretty old and expensive fairly quickly, so possibly creating meals a week at a time at the home of a friend or family member may be feasible.

With a great deal of forethought about how you plan to use the addition and the flow of the home, you can work with your contractor in the design phase to ensure that the addition only touches the existing home where it needs to touch. This enables you to create a bridge that separates the addition from the existing home. This can lessen the costs of the project and the disruption by minimizing its impact on the existing living areas of the home.

Ultimately, room additions in Scottsdale homes are going to have an impact on the way you live for several months. That means that you need to not only think about the way that the addition will change your lifestyle once it’s completed, but also during the process of construction. These are the kinds of questions homeowners must ponder as they consider executing one of the more dramatic moves in home renovation: the add-on.

When you work with a skilled and experienced contractor like Republic West Remodeling, we can help you to gain clarity about what you’re planning to do so that you can be sure of exactly why you’re doing it. By exploring all of the options of utilizing the existing footprint of the house, you can determine if an addition with more space is imperative or if there are remodeling alternatives that can free up space.

The goal is to help you to move forward in the right way with full confidence that the finished addition will bring the expected ROI. That means having a plan for how you can live with as little disruption during the construction to enjoy the finished space and the entire home once the project is completed.

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