Arizona Room Additions: Things to Know about Creating a Home Office

When it comes to Arizona room additions, home offices have become very popular options.  Some people look first to remodel an existing room in the home.  Unfortunately, for many homeowners, the extra space just doesn’t exist. Therefore, a home office makes a great room addition.

According to a 2005 U.S. Department of Labor report, more than 20 million people do some or all of their work from home.  Also, a May 2004 Bureau of Labor Statistics report cites approximately one-third of people who work from home are self-employed.

The return on investment for a home office is attractive.  Remodeling magazine found 72.8 percent of the remodeling costs for a home office are recouped when the house is sold.  As telecommuting and self-employment trends increase, more and more home buyers want a home office.

Before Planning Arizona Room Additions

As with any remodeling project, you need to first carefully think through what it is you need.  For example, if you have are self-employed and run a home-based business, a home office becomes a necessity.

The important design features you should consider for consist of the following:

  • Natural Lighting.  You want to include as much natural light into Arizona room additions as possible.  How does the light change throughout the day?  Once you determine this, you can decide where to locate your windows so you maximize available light.

Natural light will make a big difference in the time you spend in your home office.  The last thing many people would find appealing is working in a dark, dingy room.  It also affects productivity.  If you enjoy being in Arizona room additions, you’ll want to spend more time there.  And, the more time you spend in your office, the more work you’re likely to get done.

  • Soundproofing.  How much noise to you expect from your family in other areas of the home?  If you can’t concentrate with the activity sounds from outside your office, you should think about soundproofing.
  • Storage.  Like every other room in your home, you need to consider storage.  The last thing most people want with Arizona room additions is to have a lot of clutter.  If you plan adequately in the design phase of your project, you can accommodate everything you intend to put into your home office.

You may think you have enough, but remember you can never have too much storage!  Make sure you optimize your existing space in Arizona room additions.  Specifically with your home office, think through how you will work.

Do you need to spread out papers?  What kind of information and materials do you need readily available?  You want a great, uncluttered look; but it also has to be functional.

  • Separate Entrance.  Great advantages exist to having a separate entrance, even if you don’t meet with clients in your home office.  A separate entrance allows Arizona room additions to remain away from the family hub spots.  With a home office, you can mentally shift into work mode if you physically leave your living space.
  • Furnishings.  With all Arizona room additions, you need to plan for furnishings before you begin to build.  For your home office, figure out what equipment you’ll need and where it will be located.  What office furniture is needed and how will it fit into your work flow.

You certainly don’t want to make an investment in a new home office only to find you can get your desk, equipment and other furnishings to fit.

Finally, make sure Arizona room additions fit well with your existing home design and architecture.  You don’t want new space to stick out like a sore thumb.  Both the exterior and interior should have continuity of design from color, materials, decorative features and more.

If you keep in step with the general feel of your home, you’ll have added flexibility down the road.  Your future use may call for something other than a home office.  With enough forethought, you can use your home office for its intended purpose initially, but convert the space to something else as your needs change.

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