Tips for Finding a Quality Kitchen Renovation Contractor in Scottsdale

Shutterstock 315797645Is the time right for you to remodel your kitchen?

The prospect of remodeling a kitchen can be an exciting adventure. But many homeowners in Scottsdale do not always think about the type of remodeling company, or kitchen renovation contractor, that they want to hire to complete the work.

In fact, some homeowners do not realize what questions they should be asking when assessing a kitchen renovation contractor’s experience and reputation.

Additionally, we have all heard stories about “nightmare” remodeling contractors that take your deposit, provide shoddy work, or, worse, leave you high and dry by disappearing in the throws of an incomplete project.

Here are some pointers to help you better evaluate and choose a quality kitchen renovation contractor in Scottsdale:

  • Always insist that each prospective kitchen renovation contractor provides the details of the proposed project in writing. Do not share these answers with any other contractor you are considering.
  • Say goodbye to being shy. An experienced, professional kitchen remodeling contractor should be able to answer any questions you may have, and should always be willing to provide their answers in writing.
  • Remember: just because someone seems nice or was referred to you by a friend, it does not mean they have the experience to design and create the kitchen of your dreams.

While the following questions are not a complete list of everything you should ask, they can help you to sift through the inexperienced and inflexible kitchen renovation contractors:

  1. How many kitchen renovations have you completed? Can I see a bio of my project supervisor’s experience?
  2. Can you share with me a complete list of all of the businesses you have been an owner or partner in related to the remodeling industry?
  3. Can I see proof of insurance and bonding for your kitchen remodeling company?
  4. How many customer references can you provide related to my specific project? May I reach out to these clients about their experience working with your company?
  5. Who will be supervising my kitchen renovation each day?
  6. What contingencies are included in your contract?
  7. How often will I get project updates during the renovation process?
  8. How long is your warranty and what aspects does it cover? Do you ever make complimentary repairs after a warranty has expired?

Make a Smart Choice

Choosing a quality kitchen renovation contractor in Scottsdale does not have to be difficult. Whatever your remodeling needs may be, Republic West Remodeling has the experience to complete your project on time and on budget.

Watch your kitchen renovation dreams come alive with a wide range of choices and an experienced, professional execution team. Schedule your free kitchen renovation consultation today at Republic West Remodeling.

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