Will Remodeling a Kitchen Add Value?

Kitchen RemodelAlong with functionality, your kitchen is an essential aspect tied to your home’s overall value, so it’s vital you give it the attention it deserves.

At Republic West Remodeling, our clients often ask us: “Will remodeling a kitchen add value to my home?”

According to national 2016 averages, a minor kitchen remodel costs approximately $20,122, while it will increase resale value by $16,716. The total Return on Investment (ROI) in this case is 81.8 percent. So, by incorporating some updates and new features, a kitchen remodel can yield generous returns and add oodles of value to your house. The cost of your kitchen remodel may be considerably less or more depending on the size and complexity of the project.

A Great Investment for Your Home

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets, updating hardware and making other minor improvements can boost your home’s value enough that they practically pay for themselves.

In fact, the latest Cost vs. Value report from Remodel magazine states that small kitchen remodeling projects typically earn an ROI of more than 83 percent. This amount is a much better return than many people get from other house projects, such as bathroom upgrades, basement additions or replacing a roof.

You also might consider replacing your appliances with new models that boast high energy-efficiency ratings, updating your kitchen flooring and countertops, as well as adding some fresh paint to the walls.

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If your home needs upgrading and you are still unsure about a worthwhile project, consider a kitchen remodel. By completing this renovation, you will enjoy a more enjoyable, eye-appealing kitchen and recover a significant portion of your investment.

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