Concealed Kitchen Cabinet Hinges 101

Hidden Cabinet HingesFor the vast majority of today’s homeowners, kitchen cabinet hinges are items you probably don’t really think about until it is time to either replace them.

Despite their seemingly unexciting purpose, concealed kitchen cabinet hinges have actually come a long way since the basic “butt hinge,” that consists of two “wings” joined by a “knuckle” and pin. And while this type of traditional hinge is still occasionally used, there are some much more innovative and convenience-wielding cabinet hinges available on the market today.

The purpose of the concealed hinge is to provide a smooth surface to the exterior appearance of a kitchen cabinet run. And beyond the purely aesthetic value of concealed hinges, the major advantage is the ability to make minor adjustments very easily to the cabinet doors after they are installed. Furthermore, removal of a cabinet door with concealed hinges is also a more simplified process with a concealed hinge as the hardware does not have to be removed from the door.

A Wide Range of Choices

When it comes to concealed cabinet hinges, there are various styles, each with their own functional and aesthetic differences.

One important point to consider is the technology that is associated with some hinges. You may or may not be familiar with “self-close” or “soft-close” features. These styles offer a level of convenience and make using them a bit more gratifying  – no more slamming or banging cabinet doors.

Whether you are searching for new cabinets or simply replacing old hinges, it’s important to become familiar with what types of concealed hinges are available.

One predominant style of concealed hinge is known as the “European” or “Euro” hinge. It’s also known as a “cup hinge” because of the cup-like fitting on one end of the hinge.

Other varieties of concealed hinges include “barrel” or “cylinder” hinges and Soss hinges. Barrel hinges have two cylinders connected by small metal links hinged at the center. Soss hinges have two metal wings that are joined by metal links. The benefit of these hinges over the European cup hinge is that they are typically smaller and less noticeable than Euro hinges when a cabinet door is open.

Characteristics Of Concealed Hinges

  • Adjustability. European concealed hinges offer advantages over traditional exposed hinges because they are adjustable. This feature is useful for getting cabinet doors properly aligned with each other, not an easy feat when using non-adjustable exposed hinges that must be drilled precisely to hang the doors straight and in line with each other.
  • Convenience. Euro hinges allow for easy removal of the cabinet doors without having to remove the hinges from the cabinet. On some hinges this is achieved by use of a clip-on feature.
  • Self-Closing. Some Euro style hinges have a built-in, self-closing feature. These hinges will pull the door closed when it is close to being shut and will hold it closed. This prevents the need for any door catches or latches.

Update your kitchen with new styles and trends, including concealed kitchen cabinet hinges. At Republic West Remodeling, we can provide you with realistic kitchen remodeling costs that won’t break the bank. Contact us today.

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