Picking the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Kitchen CabinetsWe all know the kitchen plays a vital role in many homes today. In fact, as one of the most used rooms of a house, it is truly the hub for social and family gatherings. It is where family meals are cooked and where you spend time with loved ones.

Since many visit the kitchen, you may prefer that its look and feel reflect your personal style and tastes.

Before you hire a house remodeling contractor in Scottsdale to help you get started on your kitchen cabinet remodel project, you will have to think of the type of style you want to see everyday, and if it will complement the rest of your kitchen.

For example, a few styles work best for contemporary kitchen designs, while others look better with cottage-style kitchens. And thankfully, transitional cabinets now exist, and they can link a few kitchen styles – traditional and cottage, for example – allowing you to use either style with the rest of your kitchen. You will also want to decide what type of hardware you want your cabinets to feature.

Here are a few ideas to help you select the perfect kitchen cabinets:

Types of kitchen cabinets

There are numerous kitchen cabinet styles to choose from when looking for the one that will best suit your kitchen design. There are flat-panel cabinet doors, which feature a flat center panel with raised outer edges, for example. Homeowners often choose this style when they want a more modern, clean look. Yet, they also look fabulous with traditional, contemporary and transitional styles.

On the other hand, raised-panel cabinet doors have a raised center, with a profile or contour around it. These types of cabinets go best with a traditional or transitional design.

Finally, there are slab cabinet doors that feature a flat slab of wood with no panels, accents or contours. These are mostly used in contemporary kitchens and can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, aluminum frames and more. Accent doors can also be used, and these serve more for decoration versus function. For example, a set of glass-fronted cabinet doors can be a great way to showcase a collection or your fine china.

Various wood options

Besides different cabinet styles, you can also the type of wood. There are certain types of wood cabinets that accompany various styles. For instance, if you want a contemporary or modern look, then knotted pine or even hickory might work well. And either of these are great choices if you want a country or rustic.

If you are striving for a more transitional style, oak can be great. Using a beautiful, rich dark wood, such as cherry, can provide your kitchen with a classic look. However, you can also choose various materials for your cabinets – laminate or thermofoil – that can offer many more color and style options than wood.

Each part of the kitchen remodeling process, including selecting your cabinets, is geared to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome. If you are looking for a house remodeling contractor in Scottsdale to help with your kitchen renovations, contact Republic West Remodeling today.

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