Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling: Unique Designs

creative-kitchen-remodelPhoenix kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects today.  Not only do these projects provide an attractive return on investment, but they enhance everyday living.  Remodeling your kitchen is definitely a win-win situation.

You get to enjoy your new space and amenities each and every day.  And, if and when you sell, your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project will likely add value to the point of almost paying for itself.  New home buyers place a premium on renovated kitchens.  They want an updated design, new appliances, lots of storage place and creative upgrades.

Basic design features are important to all homeowners.  Things like an open design, adequate storage and creating an area conducive to social gathering are prime desires.  However, after those main features come some additional wishes.  The following three design features represent big bonuses for both current and future homeowners in Phoenix kitchen remodeling:

Cabinetry.  Cabinets are a big deal in kitchens.  They not only serve an important function, but they impact the overall visual impact of the space.  Outdated cabinets will drag a design down, regardless how much storage or open space you have.

Today’s trends in cabinet design include minimal and modern appearances with floating units.  Touch-latch cabinets that eliminate hardware have become popular.  Plus, kitchen features are being hidden behind cabinet doors.

Finally, unique surfaces are being used instead of traditional wood in Phoenix kitchen remodeling.  Examples include aluminum, bamboo, high-gloss lacquer, glass and more.

Countertops.  Just as with cabinets, countertops have gone from common to extraordinary in Phoenix kitchen remodeling.  Features, such as wooden butcher blocks and marble pastry slabs, are being integrated into counter surfaces.

Trends include mixing materials for a modern appearance.  Examples include concrete embedded with glass and metal.  Additional popular countertop materials include stone, such as soapstone and marble, stainless steel and mahogany woods.  Engineered quartz is also replacing granite because of its lower maintenance.

In part two of this series on Phoenix kitchen remodeling, we will look at appliances and a few of the more creative upgrades homeowners are opting for during a Phoenix kitchen remodel. Contact Republic West Remodeling today on how to get your kitchen remodel started.

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