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What to Look for in a Home Renovation Company

Renovating a home is alternative many homeowners take to selling a beloved family home. In fact, as of 2018, more than 50% of homeowners said they were planning on investing in some type of home renovation. As your needs change, so does the use of your home.  Some features that made sense in the past have eroded into inefficient spaces that don’t fit your current stage in life.

For example, when the kids were younger, you just needed cheap cabinetry with safety locks. But now that they are older and more responsible, you want to invest in new cabinetry that has better storage options. Or, maybe you have taken on a new hobby and need a new room as a haven for your crafts. A home addition can be the answer instead of calling your realtor!

If you’ve decided that you want to remodel your home, you need to find a home renovation company Scottsdale and Phoenix residents have loved. Remodeling your home is a significant financial commitment that should be taken seriously. When the job is well done, you’ll reap its benefits for years.

Here’s what to look for in a home renovation company:

1: Trust Through Communication

How far can you go without trust? When you are putting a part of your financial future in someone else’s hands, trust is paramount. Reputable companies pursue transparency passionately and make a constant effort to keep their clients informed.

They document everything so that all the plans, invoices, and project details are out in the open. As a client, you should feel confident in the plan, its price, and when the contractors will start and finish the work. This relationship of trust builds as you stay in close contact with your project manager and design team. You can be confident that they’ll pick up your call or reply to your messages promptly.

2: Skilled Staff

Being trustworthy and honest are important traits for your remodeling company’s staff to have. They also need the skills and experience to match their character. A great home renovation company will have taken the time to hire the best talent for their renovation teams.

Everyone, from the sales staff to the contractor, should have a dependable background with verified experience and training in their field. Don’t hesitate to ask about the educational and work histories of their designers and contractors. This background is information that they should freely give with pride.

3: They Iron Out Every Detail

Before you ever get a project started, you should know if the alterations you are making are up to building codes and local laws. A good company should have its own pre-design team that does all the sleuthing for you. This step is key to keep your project legal, in line with your local ordinances,  and your HOA.

This team will do all the groundwork, investigations, and phone calls. If needed, they will call in architects when they aren’t sure if a home addition will be safe your home’s structure. This pre-design team will sketch everything out considering real-world factors, draft out necessary documents, and list out all the specific products that they’ll use in the project.

4: They Have Experts in all Areas

A good company has professional designers and remodelers who are knowledgeable in every aspect of the home. Maybe you need a bathroom and kitchen remodel. There should be dedicated specialists who have experiences focused in these areas.

Though having a “jack of all trades” can theoretically work,  having a few dedicated professionals who can focus just on a couple of areas produces more refined results. This is because nobody is stretched too thin by having to do the bulk of the work. Instead, each is focused on the rooms that they are passionate about. When they bring their years of experience into one focused mission, you’ll get a work of art, not a rushed job.

Home Renovation Company in Scottsdale & Phoenix

To transform your home to have it fit your current needs, you need a home renovation company Phoenix residents have relied on for years. We have a complete staff of home renovation professionals who can cover every room of the home and collaborate throughout the remodeling process.

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