How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor in Phoenix

Selecting a great home remodeling contractor is a process. Since it is your home, you want to make sure the experience and the results are good.

It is important to choose a remodeling contractor who is going to give you a realistic quote that won’t vary by the thousands without your approval, and who will deliver the beautiful, functional outcome you want. And, most of all, a good contractor will have a team of designers who can assist in creating your ultimate vision. How do you choose a remodeling contractor Phoenix residents can trust? Here are some pointers from your friends at Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovations.

Compare Services

One of the best things about being a consumer in the digital age is that you have the power to make fully informed decisions. Unlike the past in which direct marketing was king and people didn’t have a global database of information at their fingertips, many people were forced to consult telephone books or go with the service they found in their mailbox. But today’s consumers are more empowered than ever.

Simply googling “Phoenix remodeling contractor” will produce a list of local home remodeling services. Visit these websites, make some phone calls, get quotes, and compare your experiences with each company. Do they sound confident on the phone? Do they answer all of your questions with ease? By making your rounds, you can narrow down your list to a few likely candidates. However, this is just the beginning of your home remodeling story. After you find a few potential winners, it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Meet In Person

Not all contracting services are equal, and during the “semifinalist” stage, you have to get tougher with your candidates. It’s difficult to get a full impression of a service without having an in-person consultation. By meeting face-to-face, you can better understand how their business runs. Do they have random subcontractors or is it a full-service, in-house operation? Are they organized? Can they provide verified references? Are they licensed and insured? And, most of all, do they do the type of work and have a professional portfolio of proven results?

Good contractors will look you in the eye, have a strong handshake, and not hide from these types of questions. The more transparent they are, the better. They will also provide you references, credentials, and information about their work on demand.

Do They Have That Extra “Sparkle?”

Does the company cover the bare minimum or do they add extra conveniences such as 3D rendering, in-house consultations, and guided shopping trips? Or, do you have to go on foot to their office and strive to visualize what your design will look like? How will they schedule the job? Do you have the assurance and a physical timeline that can assist you to know what to expect?

What separates the great from the ordinary is the extra mile the elites take to give you a premium experience. Something like Republic West Remodeling’s Design Book that gives a timeline, itemized invoice, and complete 3D rendering is rare in this industry, as well as our collaborative team of designers, managers, and contractors who work under the same roof.

Do You Like Them?

At Republic West Remodeling, many of our clients chose us over competitors because they liked us the best. There wasn’t any magic or science behind it– just a simple human connection that drove them to choose us over another service that didn’t click with them. These initial impressions you get during the research and in-person meetings are important in your ultimate decision.

You’re going to see a lot of your contractors. They’re going to be in your home and working around your schedule. There will be some demolition, noise, and compromises to be made. With this level of cooperation, you need to like your remodelers. You also need people who have a good reputation so you can trust them with your most valuable assets.

Remodeling Contractors in Phoenix

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