Why Clients Choose Republic West as Their Home Remodeling Company

Why So Many Clients Choose Republic West as Their Home Remodeling Company

Making an improvement, alteration, or addition to your home is a significant investment that has long-term benefits. If you choose a professional contractor with experience, you will get amazing results that can increase the value of your home. Meanwhile, selecting an experienced or unprofessional contractor can lead to unwanted consequences.

Clients of unprofessional contractors have been misled with low initial quotes that snowballed into a massive bill with sneaky add-on costs. Bad contractors have also delayed projects or interrupted them due to disorganization on their end. To make things worse, these contractors can also use sub-par materials to save on their own costs, which leaves clients with a mediocre remodel that doesn’t boost their home’s value.

We’re different. At Republic West Remodeling, we believe in practicing good business ethics and delivering quality results. To ensure an excellent job that’s both priced right and going to last, you need to hire the home remodeling company Phoenix and Scottsdale residents have relied on for years: Republic West Remodeling.

Why We’re Different

People in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area choose us over and over again because of one main reason: our professionalism. In every job that we take on, we make sure that we are thorough, honest, and, most of all, we know what we’re doing.

  • We only hire the best. We only send you fully-trained, in-house designers, contractors, architects, and project managers that cover different stages of the remodeling process. We don’t allow anyone on our team to be stretched thin doing all the work, especially if some parts of the process aren’t their expertise. Instead, our professionals work collaboratively, but in their own departments, to optimize every aspect of the project.
  • We stick to our promises. Our Dream Assurance Plan keeps us accountable to the proposed schedule, budget, and design. Lack of transparency has been a common complaint among those who have gone through remodeling with other contractors. We aim to fix this issue by letting our clients know everything that is going on. The goal for every project is for there to be no surprises!
  • We’re have everything you need under one roof. This is unique in an industry where there aren’t many one-stop-shop remodeling businesses. You don’t need to outsource interior design or handyman work to someone else, but instead, we can do it all. Also, we’ll help you while respecting your time and space!

Your Customer Bill of Rights

Not only are we a home remodeling company with a highly organized team of specialists for every aspect of the design process, but we also abide by your customer bill of rights.

  1. Cost Certainty: Unlike other contractors who can quote the job either too high or too low, we just give you the honest price from the start. There is no sticker shock at the end of the project with mysterious add-ons!
  2. Free Speech: We will hear your ideas and integrate them into the design plan so that the results reflect what YOU want!
  3. Time Certainty: We promise not to linger in your home and waste your time. Our contractors will start on time and finish according to the schedule we propose during our first meetings together.
  4. High Standards: We will perform all jobs according to building codes so that everything adheres to local ordinances. Only architects experienced with home remodeling will be part of the planning and execution of the project.
  5. Top Quality: We don’t skimp on material quality to try and save a buck. We know the value of a great job and know that our integrity as a business keeps our reputation strong in the community as a top home remodeler.
  6. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: We understand that remodeling isn’t easy on residents, especially when they are living in their home during the project. Our professionals will respect your boundaries and schedule to make the process as convenient as possible.
  7. No Interruptions! We’re not going to start, drop what we’re doing for a few weeks, then come back to finish at a random time. That’s what disorganized contractors do. At our company, we have enough staff to keep your project going from start to finish, with as little interruptions as possible.
  8. Open Communication: If you have any questions, you can always contact us to get the current situation on your project.
  9. Honesty: When you work with us, everything is on the table. You have a right to fair problem solving and transparency for every concern you may have.
  10. Excellence: We stand behind the quality of our work and customer service and promise only to offer you the best every step of the way.

Home Remodeling Company in Phoenix & Scottsdale

If you want to make improvements to your home, choose the home remodeling company Scottsdale and Phoenix residents have been pleased with time and time again. To learn more about our remodeling process and services we offer, contact us for a free consultation.

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