Home Remodeling Examples in Scottsdale AZ

Remodeling stories aren’t just accounts of new paint or countertops, but they are about the people who live in the home. These people have grown roots in their community and want to extend their home’s life instead of moving. They may also be buyers who see the “diamond in the rough” and pursue their home’s potential.

Republic West Remodeling has worked with more than 17,000 clients, fulfilling their home remodeling dreams. We continue to serve the Scottsdale area with partial and full remodel projects. Our team of talented specialists can help you achieve your remodeling dreams, whatever they may be. To give you some ideas, here are some Scottsdale home remodeling examples from our portfolio.

Vicki and Bill

Vicki and Bill’s had lived in their ranch-style home for 5 years until they decided that it needed some updates to fit their current interests. The home was originally built in 1998, which meant it had features that were trendy for the time, such as wall partitions that made the home feel smaller than it really was.

The couple knew that in order for their home to remain their dream home, they needed to fix its outmoded elements. Vicki also needed a private space for her hobbies, while the couple both needed an outdoor work area so they could regain the full use of their 3-car garage once more.

Home Remodeling Examples in Scottsdale AZ

All the project’s designs were first 3D-rendered and presented to Vicki and Bill for approval before our team went to work. Therefore, the couple knew exactly what to expect. Our team also took care of all the legal and local regulations to make sure all the add-ons that we installed were up to local building codes and abided by their HOA’s requirements.

Home Remodeling Examples in Scottsdale AZ

Republic West Remodeling quickly went to work with plans for the new layout. Our team removed a wall that separated the main part of the house from the sunroom, which they also expanded for greater entertainment capabilities. The couple also got the workspace they needed by adding a carport. Now their garage could simply function as a storage area for their seasonal items and vehicles instead of being stretched too thin with too many functions.

These changes included adding a large craft room to be right next to the master bedroom. This place would become Vicki’s oasis where she could pursue her hobbies in a private, organized space.

Gail and Michael

Gail and Michael wanted to reinvent their home with a rustic theme with a contemporary touch. To achieve this vision, they recruited the expertise of one of Republic West Remodeling’s designers, Arthur Gambino. The results were a masterful redesign that included dark wood, stone, and ample lighting that exuded both rustic elegance and modern inspiration.

Home Remodeling Examples in Scottsdale AZ

Arthur advised the couple to pursue simplicity to bring out the contemporary feel. At the same time, he brought in dark wood and incorporated it with glass, metal, soft light, and open spaces to integrate elements of bucolic aesthetics. By having natural materials work with modern textures, the classic-meets-modern fusion theme came to life.

Home Remodeling Examples in Scottsdale AZ

Rwr Home Remodeling 5


Arthur listened to Gail and Michael and created a design with consistency in color and material choice throughout the home, utilizing quartz, onyx, and wood. He also created open spaces by removing some walls to expand the bar area that once felt cramped.

Home Remodeling Examples in Scottsdale AZ


The house is stunningly beautiful. After all the updates, Gail and Michael felt confident to host social events at their house. They were proud of their home’s unique design that boosted both its beauty and functionality.

Home Remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ

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If you want to breathe new life into your home, Republic West Remodeling can guide you through every step of the home remodeling process. We also offer you guarantees in three key areas:

  • Cost Certainty: We will stick to the price we give you when we draw out the contract. We promise to not go beyond the quote we give and consult you before we make any changes that affect our quotes as well.
  • Timeline Certainty: We like to stay on schedule and so we promise to adhere to the timeline we give you before the project begins. We have pleased many clients by staying on task and being done with the remodel on time.
  • Quality Certainty: Our contractors will only use the best materials for the job so that the results will be the best possible.

For more information about getting a home remodel Scottsdale clients have been pleased with, please consult our remodeling process.

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