New Year Home Remodel Tips

home remodelingYou’ve packed away the holiday decorations and have finally taken down the lights. Your home, bare of the fanfare of tinsel and wreaths, reveals areas that require some touch-ups and updates. Whether it’s the base molding that has long been nicked or the single bathroom in the hallway causing conflict on school mornings, your home needs to adapt to your evolving needs.

Take care of your prized investment by getting started with the home remodel you’ve been dreaming about. Reinventing your home can boost its value and increase your quality of life.

Home remodeling with professional contractors will save you innumerable time and headaches and will produce more sophisticated results. The designers at Republic West Remodeling will transform your feedback about how you use the space into a full color 3D design and construction plan.

Your Home; Your Needs

One question that determines your home remodeling goals is, “How long you intend to live in your home?” Here’s what you should do based on your response.

  • “I’m selling in the near future” – Target the two best remodels for your ROI: the kitchen and bathroom. These are two areas of the home that buyers look to first. If your home only has one bathroom, adding a second bathroom is highly recommended to boost your home’s resale value.
  • “I want to stay for a long time” -You can prioritize different remodeling projects according to your budget and greatest pain points. For example, if the small sink in your hallway bathroom is causing conflict among siblings, installing a double sink can move to the top of your list. Remodeling the living room to expand your living space is another great addition to a forever home as it creates more entertaining area.

Pursue Timelessness for Long-Term Remodels

Overall, you want your “big ticket” renovations, such as the kitchen and bathroom, to be timeless to a certain degree. Look for a remodel that suits your family’s needs and will serve you for some time.

Sure, sea green glass cabinets may be on trend at this year’s kitchen show, but they’re fragile, tedious to clean, and will be outmoded in a few years. Going for tried and true wooden cabinets that are simple, elegant, and universally appealing will echo quality through the decades.

Using a blank canvas of classic materials like wood and natural stone, either real or synthetic, makes it possible to integrate more trendy fixtures, appliances, and add-ons that you can easily change in the future. For example, brass knobs are hot this year, but in a few years, crystal or stainless steel will be back in fashion. You can easily switch out your brass knobs for something trendier for a fraction of the cost of a total remodel.

Professional designers at Republic West Remodeling can show you what cabinetry and flooring can be easily integrated with minor updates to maximize their lifespan.

Home Remodel Favorites

Reinventing your house should be an adventure that brings you joy. When you work with professional remodelers, they can open possibilities you didn’t initially imagine. They have the experience to bring out the best of your home and take it into 2019 with grace, beauty and sustainability. To get your ideas jogging, here are a few home remodeling projects to request:

  • Bathroom Remodel – Major or minor remodels are both great investments in these frequently used rooms of the home.
  • Kitchen Remodel – Whether it’s just cabinetry or the space from floor to ceiling, kitchens are the hub of the home and worthy of a true update.
  • Bedroom Conversion – Creating an additional bedroom out of a once neglected area increases your bedroom count and makes room for a growing family.
  • Deck or Patio Additions – Expanding your outdoor entertainment areas and making them useable all year round is appealing to buyers and long-term owners alike.
  • New Windows – Not only are new windows energy-efficient, but you can also knock out smaller windows to make room for large ones that can let in more natural light.
  • Adding or Expanding Rooms – Whether it’s an extra office or bathroom, adding rooms with different purposes increases the functionality of your home.
  • Updated Interior Features – Touching up the paint, moldings, and flooring of your major indoor areas adds enjoyment to your daily life.

Remodel Your Home in the New Year

The professional remodelers at Republic West Remodeling can help you create a plan with 3D rendering before the remodeling begins.

We want to make sure you’re absolutely thrilled with your remodeling project. Learn more about our commitments to you. Contact us at Republic West Remodeling to start your home remodel adventure today!

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