Home Additions Let You Better Utilize Space

Home AdditionA home addition may represent extra space, but its value can entail much more than the additional feet it adds to the house’s perimeter. It can in fact make a significant impact on how the family is able to use all areas of the home, not just the part involved in the addition.

One thing to remember is that putting on a home addition isn’t just about increasing the home’s square footage. Yes, the addition will make your home bigger and boost the living space. But the benefit often goes way beyond that.

The best home additions make the home more comfortable for the family, but also offer important practical benefits. It greatly improves the efficiency of the home, and how well the residents are able to take advantage of all of the space, in every part of the home.

This is truly an example of a situation where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. People are often surprised at what a big difference even a relatively modest room addition can make in how comfortable their expanded home is, and how much better it works for their household.

When first entering the early planning stages of a home addition, it is important to analyze the current space you have, and think about how it serves (or doesn’t serve) your family. At this point of the process, you want to evaluate your household’s makeup and normal routine, and consider how smoothly things function in the home’s current state. You want to try to identify particular pain points or aspects where the current space is lacking. You then want to brainstorm ways to improve it and consider ways in which specific types of additions could offer major improvements in the overall efficiency of the home.

Let’s focus specifically on flow. This refers to how well the home’s layout is designed and configured in relation to how the people inside of it use it or would like to use it. For example, if there is no bathroom close to the bedrooms or if the bathroom that is nearby is smaller than ideal, this may force people to travel to other areas of the home to access another bathroom. Or if the master bedroom lacks its own bathroom, they may further add to conflicts and congestion.

Likewise, if younger members of the family don’t have a space of their own where they can play games or watch TV, this can cause conflicts if the adults in the home are trying to carry on a conversation or get work done while distracted by noise.

You also want to think about the current makeup of the household, and their space-related needs. If one or more family members work from home, at least part of the time, the lack of a home office may force them to set up a makeshift workspace in the living room, kitchen or other part of the house. This in turn disrupts other family members who are trying to use that space for its intended purpose. This isn’t efficient for anyone, and likely causes some tension and frustration for everyone involved.

Adding one or more extra rooms to your home opens up a wealth of opportunities for how you can reconfigure your layout, and allow for smarter use of all of the space in your home. Putting on a home addition often has a chain effect in a positive way, because it opens up other space and this provides many new options for how you can rearrange the rooms so as to best accommodate your family and their needs.

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