Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Gallery: See Stunning Examples of Phoenix Area Bathrooms

Many homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms to boost the value and enjoyability of their home. Whether it’s a minor remodel, major overhaul, or a complete bathroom addition or conversion, these improvements ultimately meet the growing or changing needs of the homeowner. While it’s possible for clients to know everything they want in their next project, it can still be challenging to iron out the finer details.

This is why the clients of Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovations have enjoyed working with our in-house designers and project managers. We fully render everything in 3D in software that allows us to change out materials, colors, and styles of cabinets, mirrors, flooring so you can see exactly how it would look in your home. Here are some examples of plans that we brought to life in the bathrooms of our satisfied clients.

Jan’s Master Bathroom Remodel

Jan’s home was already looking great, but she wanted to redo her master suite to tailor it even further to her needs. This area was her personal “oasis” and she was ready to give it the ultimate upgrades required to make it impeccable. Jan was a repeat customer, so she knew that she was going to get the total design experience.

The master bathroom was a major component of her personal haven. After a meeting in which she discussed her needs, we came back a week later with a 3D rendering of her ideas. This process of discussing her tastes, material choices, and other things on her master bathroom wishlist.

The large and small details embodied what Jan wanted in her bathroom. The final photos from our bathroom remodeling contractor gallery speak for themselves. The gorgeous stone floor with a warm earthy hue makes a playful and tasteful contrast with the grey and white colors in the rest of the bathroom. Contemporary simplicity and plenty of natural light craft a delicate and peaceful abode where Jan can have a true spa experience — every day of the week.

About the project, Jan remarked, “Republic West Remodeling was ahead of schedule the entire time. My project manager Gregg and Kathy were great to work with. Kathy was extremely helpful when it came to translating colors and ideas into reality. Every detail, from the tub to the tile, to the showerheads, were exactly what I had hoped to achieve.”

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Kyle and Pam’s Bathroom

You don’t need to knock down walls to get great results. Kyle and Pam’s story proves that just a refresh can make visible changes. When homeowners set a budget for a renovation, they often prioritize what room needs the most “work”. In the case of Kyle and Pam, the bathrooms were still in great condition but there were just a few aesthetic factors to update. They were able to keep the budget smaller for their bathrooms while still producing excellent results.

The photos below show that a fresh coat of paint and other superficial changes can make a big impact on how new a bathroom looks. The cabinets look fresh and vibrant while the new fixtures and knobs add a modern touch. The color scheme in the bathroom also was made to match the rest of their home’s off-white and rustic wood theme.

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

Cheryl and Gordon’s Family Master Bathroom Remodel

Cheryl and Gordon loved the layout of their new home but knew that its design needed to be updated. They made plans with us to remodel several areas of their home, including their bathroom. The previous setup had all the elements designers of yesteryear embraced; beige everywhere, baby blue paint, and brass fixtures. These trends have long been outmoded and the Barefoots were ready to reinvent their master bathroom. During the process, our team made these improvements:

  • Updated the color scheme to grey and light grey while bringing in more natural light
  • New bathtub, stand up glass shower with a custom porcelain tile floor
  • New cabinets, mirror, light fixtures, sink, and countertop with a place for a vanity chair
  • Marble backsplash on part of the walls for design accents
  • Tile flooring with a reflective coating that distributed light better than the old floors

This was a case in which a major renovation was required to fulfill our client’s vision. An outmoded, dark bathroom became a peaceful, luminescent sanctuary that both residents and guests could admire.

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodeling in Metro Phoenix

Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovations have teamed up to offer their clients an incredible interior design team. We’re experts in remodeling every area of the home, including bathrooms. Whether you need just a refresh or a total remodel, we can make your vision become reality.

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