How to Select a Bathroom Remodeling Company

Bathrooms are essential spaces that make your house feel like a home. They are personal sanctuaries where you can have quiet moments to yourself. It’s also the hub for self-care throughout the day.

How your bathroom looks and functions contributes to your daily happiness. If its cabinetry, storage, layout, or privacy features aren’t working well for your current needs, then it’s time to call a bathroom remodeling company Phoenix¬†homeowners can trust.

A bathroom remodeling project can have an ROI of 70.1% and boost the value of your home. However, this depends on the job being done correctly and with quality materials. To get a professional bathroom remodel, you need to hire reputable contractors.

But with the conflicting information out there, how do you select the best bathroom remodeling company? Here are a few insider tips from Republic West Remodeling.

Tip #1: Select a Company That Knows How to Work with Bathrooms.

A great bathroom contractor has experience with renovating and designing many types of bathrooms. Though you could still get good results from a contractor who dabbles in all areas of the home, it’s far more reassuring to work with dedicated bathroom specialists. These professionals have seen many scenarios and have successfully transformed drab bathrooms into fabulous ones.

Tip#2: Ask if They Can Handle Diverse Bathroom Sizes and Budgets.

A solid bathroom remodeling company has a broad remodeling range and is skilled at designing and building different types of bathrooms and budgets. Good contractors are comfortable with both gutting your bathrooms completely and minor cabinet refacing.

To find out of their range is diverse, ask for some examples of their work. Do they have a portfolio of “before and after” pictures that show their range of capabilities? The more information they can give you about their past experiences, the better.

Tip #3: Ask if They Have Specialists for the Different Remodeling Stages.

A good company is going to be highly organized and have departments to handle the stages of the remodeling process. In all honesty, the planning, 3D rendering, management, and execution of the project itself requires diverse skill sets that just one person may not have. Or, it may simply be overwhelming for one person to take on every stage.

A professional company that wants to take on more than one project at a time will have different people to handle these areas to boost their productivity:

  • Sales & Design – Meeting with clients to discuss their vision is the first step in the remodeling process. Professional companies will take great care to invest in their sales and design team so that they can give each client their undivided attention and truly listen to what they want and need.
  • In-House Design –¬† These are the brains behind the floor plans, dimensional drawings, and item lists that correspond with the proposed project. ¬†Everything should be produced in an accurate rendering, preferably 3D, and elements should be easily changeable in their software as the client gives feedback.
  • Pre-Construction – These people do the legal groundwork and homework to get all your documents together. Is the project up to local ordinances and building codes? Is the new addition okay with your HOA? They will also draft the final plans and exact product specifications so that everything is ready to go for a real-world installation.
  • Project Execution – Skilled labor is a valuable talent that takes time to nurture and develop. A good company will have vetted, licensed, bonded, and insured contractors who will work according to the plan and schedule.
  • Interior Design – A great interior design completes the project and is an essential step to make the job polished and professional!

Tip #4: Make Sure They Are Organized & Diligent

Also, the best remodeling companies also take care not to overbook themselves. Even with the right staff, taking on too much at once can cause a good company to fall behind. This experience is just as bad as an inexperienced contractor trying to handle all the remodeling steps on their own.

Look for positive online reviews and remodeling customer stories that report that their contractors finished the job on time. Also, keep in mind that life can happen and some interruptions are inevitable. Check for details about how these companies handled unexpected delays.

Did they communicate with the client to keep them updated? Did they do everything they could to get back on schedule as soon as possible? This level of adaptability to stay on schedule even in the event of roadblocks is also crucial and separates the real deal from amateurs.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Republic West Remodeling has a diverse team of specialists who cover all aspects of the bathroom remodeling process.

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